“Correct,Miss Yun should stay outside,This is our Bencheng business after all,It should be entered by us Bincheng people。”
The only way to know the situation inside is to enter the cage formation,Since they can see Xia Chenglong,That naturally can see the person who enters again。
At that time you can use the previous method,Describe the situation on the water。
Some things will not be changed once they are confirmed,Yun Xiaowen has never been afraid,In her values, life is placed very late,This point was infinitely magnified after encountering Xia Chenglong。
Turn around,Give a hug to Patriarch Yun directly。
“father,I believe in him,Just like he believes I can be the strong。”
Xia Chenglong left Yun Xiaowen in the first batch,At that time, she was just entering the Holy Land,It’s not enough to look at compared to those old and cunning guys。
But she finally proved herself,Killed the opponent successfully。
indeed,Patriarch Yun suddenly,It turns out that my daughter has become a real strong,Instead of the little girl who always wanted to prove herself。
From this point on,He would also like to thank Xia Chenglong for his daughter。
No one can change Yun Xiaowen’s decision,of course,Everyone finally agreed,Because the other party is indeed the best candidate。