Xia Jian glanced at Qin Xiaomin who was a little drunk and said:“I have something to go to Qingshan County,I’d better send you to your house first!You still don’t want to go to work like this“
“Isn’t it nice for me to look like this?Ok you just,There are so many things to do this afternoon,I go first“Qin Xiaomin stood up,Shook his head hard,Then strode out。
Xia Jian kept chasing it out,Watching her get in a taxi,Only then took a long breath。He is really helpless,After Qin Xiaomin became the deputy mayor,They ate two meals together,But every time it happens in the story。
“Ugh!Changed?Do you seem to have a good relationship with Mayor Ouyang??Why are you so ambiguous with Mayor Qin??“Cai Li, who was behind Xia Jian, asked Xia Jian several questions.。
Xia Jian turned around,A little embarrassed smiled and said:“All friends,Not what you think“Xia Jian finished,Waved to Cai Li,Then blocked a car on the side of the road and got in。
The car pulling Xia Jian has no shadow,But Cai Li still stands motionless。She is very calm on the surface,But it’s not like this deep inside。
Xia Jianyi went to the bottom of Donglin Building,Guo Meili has gone downstairs,She smiled and said:“I thought you were not coming?“
“Humph!Dare i come?“Xia Jian let out a long breath。
Guo Meili smiled,And let Xia Jian into her car,And she drives,Flew towards Qingshan County。Xia Jian in the passenger seat looked at the scenery outside the window,Say nothing。
Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian’s expression,I knew his heart had already flown out。Really like this,Xia Jianren in the car,But his heart has already flown to Bucheon。He thought of Xi Zhen,Think of Lin Wei,He even thought of Fang Fang。
Remember before,He is really surrounded by a group of beautiful women,As the boss of a startup group, he,Can really call the wind and rain。nowadays,Although he is the head of the two villages,What’s the use?No money and no power,Wherever I go, there is an old farmer。
Just when Xia Jianzheng was thinking wildly,The car has entered Qingshan County。Haven’t been here in just a few months,The changes here are really not small,It can be described as changing with each passing day。
The real estate developed by the venture group has begun to take shape,Looking from a distance, the momentum is extraordinary。Xia Jian got out of the car,Standing on a high place and looking far away for a while,Then Guo Meilidao:“How are sales now?“
“Very good,These people trained by Guan Tingna are very capable,Monthly performance will go up“Guo Meili said very happily。
Xia Jian nodded,Asked a few more questions。Then whispered a few words to Guo Meili,Guo Meili listened very seriously,Nodding from time to time,A satisfied look。
“President Xia,I saw you here all the way,Why don’t you go to the office?“A silver bell-like sound flew over。Xia Jianmeng looked back,I saw Donna standing behind them with a smile。
Donna is wearing a Korean cream shirt,The lower body is a tight blue jeans。Fit clothes,Sketch her attractive figure vividly。