Because an accident may be a situation in the whole army。
That is his face, it is him.,He can’t lose that person。
“We have always paid,I also don’t have a waste.,Give me a sign of,I stamp,The last play,The first one to let the monkey。”
It’s also directly to go through the Dawn Mountain.。
After seeing the soldiers of the cousin.,Li Hui is directly directed by the 9th:“Small nine,This person is to deal with。”
Instructor,I have compared him before.,Old is lost。”
“fine,Anyone you lose your face is you,You are gone.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,No. 9 is crying。
“Don’t,I have given you something in these few days.,If you lose my face, there is no place to put it.。”
Li Hui is so arranged,The nine can only be hard in the scalp.。
Go upstairs,Two people are salute each other,Then pull the posture instantly。
Both people are,Fighting and traditional boxing。
Come up,The thin monkey wants to use the 9th。
But grab the other party’s instant,He felt a strong force by the other party.。
The nicknamed also did not expect that he had often been counterattated by the other party.。
Skinny monkey can’t take it,I immediately put a punch to the neck of the nickname.,This punch is hitting,100% is faint。
But what surprised him happened。
I saw that the 9th actually chose to have hard hi.。
At the same time hit the other party,No. 9 directly swayed,Feel a while,But soon recovered over。
But the thin monkey is directly finished.。
See this scene,Dawn Mountain is also going to step up,It is not a problem.,Directly let people take a rest。
Dawn Mountain did not expect that the other party can have such a big change with the help of Li Hui,I don’t dare to think about it immediately.。
“The next week we have to be real.,You are careful。”
“Iron,Next you,I have to see if they are really so powerful.。”
According to the truth, Dawn Mountain lost the next game should be the first place.,Just think of it before.,Their order is unchanged,Sogens directly send tower to win a game,Glister。
Li Hui Feng seeing the next warrior of the next one.。
The other party is better than Zheng Dashan.,If the other party is also practicing the eighth,That is interesting。
“Mountain,He can only go to deal with it.,Otherwise it is the physical,I am afraid that there are few people to deal with it.,Of course, if you drag it, you can drag it.,But I don’t want to drag。”