“Ax Xing,Not I said you,Your broken mouth,When you have no reason, the strong word is married.,When it is reasonable, I have a reasonable people.,Do not change this problem,Don’t want to turn over in the future。”
Liao Wenjie opened the door,Place the shopping bag on a coffee table,Angelica。
“Wow,Do you say this?,Which I have said you??”
Zhou Xingxing,What seems to be,Hand and feet quickly help Liao Wenjie packs up:“Jiege,Datan andadaWang played a fire,Do you know this??”
“knowledge,So I moved out,Give them two private spaces。”
“嘿嘿 嘿,Jiege,You see the younger brother now is now a life of life.,Career love is not satisfactory,Can you think of a way?,Help me withadaWang said two words?”
“This is wrong with me.,Good, I have already said,butadaWang said that she is good for you.,Have you rush,Need to work hard。”
“Rearily grind,I am as round as Dad.”
Zhou Xing star sighs,Helping Liao Wenjie finishing,I am afraid to leave.。
One person lives with a person’s benefit,Liao Wenjie wearing a beach pants to practice housing,After the warm body,Standing in front of the sand bag。
His iron sand palm hardness is enough,Lack of flexibility,And Ghost Kings said,Iron sand palm this kung Fu is expensive,During the practice, the deeper,Whether wind blowing sun,Every day’s cultivation is essential。
Rarely bored practice lasts for half an hour,Liao Wenjie handsome,When you are on the ground,Driven by your hands,Consolidate today’s exercises。
“Decree two newspapers,Otherwise, I don’t know how tomorrow.。”
After washing,He looked at the TV TV,I am planted in a new bed,Start cultivation of dreams。
However,In another level that he can’t capture,朦 朦 body on the bed,I can’t wait for him to sleep.。
Someone in the bedside!
Or not!
Image nausea,Exclude slightly cool,Putting long hair cover face,Unable to see the specific length。
Wait until Liao Wenjie breathes smoothly,I have already entered dreams,Slowly raise your hand,Plue his neck。
Ten fingers pagoda,Nail but paint,Like ink dye, black water
Chapter 36 Constant,Consistent
Ghost handblagflaw piercing into Liao Jie neck,Black gas blood vessel pulse,Precisely,It is ghost to integrate into Liao Jie,The whole ghost is also slowed down.。
A darkness,Ghostless,Be in place,The speed is fast to the naked eye can’t capture。
Maybe it is induction,Or is it bright,soon,The ghosts came to the front of a lane。
Liao Jie will dream every night,The appearance is the same as if he is like,Patisper suspension,Right hand sword refers to empty,I don’t know how tired。
Ghosts around Liao Jie,Be late,Doubtful of his dreams and the rest of the people,It is three laps.,A pawl is inserted。
Boundless,A loud noise。
Moment,The whole dark world is in dramatic trembling,It’s like the landlord,Mountain ridges,Bang ups and downs。
Ghost shadow only feels the storm,Body stem, hardening, noble,Black long hair,Out of a white noodles with no five senses。
No eye,No nose,There is only one silk black liquor,From the white to the seepage skin。
Second sound giant hike,The ghosts saw a clear。
Liao Jie double,Sword refers to stop painting,It’s far away from it.ta,Although there is no opening,But the voice of thundering is indeed from him.。
Dramatic fluctuations seem like a stormy waves,Dark world 嗡 震 鸣,Crazy sync tremor,As if the whole world。