Gao Boyi took out white cloud sword,Straightforward。
Chinese army“Honored team”,Crazy tap drum,The army has no return,The equipment such as step is all throws on the ground.。These things are not used in the mixed war.。
Knife shield,Holding a small round shield in the front,The spear has dropped the spear,Pull out the horizontal knife,Followed by。
Jinyang Liu Town Camp,Duan Yugui looked at Gao Bo Yi at this moment.“Busha”,He did not expect this little fox, but did not make any tricks.,It’s so hard.!
Excerpt,So, he is not prepared.!
“Chinese military,Inquire。”
Duan Qi resolutely。
He did this,It’s just to put the non-harmonious troops in Jinyang Liuzhen.,When making a cannon,Go to the goddess,I will even make them all over the army!
certainly,This is careful,He won’t say。The battlefield is a global,Are you not convinced??I don’t care, you come to be a coach.!
as predicted,Due to Duan Yue“Be seen”,Other horses in all parts of Jinyang Six Town,Instantly be energetic,I can’t take care of all the impact, I’m playing seventeen eight falling.。
Even the left-wing of the lingering,Also with your own horse,Go to the direction of the array!
This game is not very good to say,Because I just,Both sides are injured。The reversal of the battlefield situation,Duan Yue behind the front,Still not moving。
He is waiting for the goddess array,The moment of front and rear,Then just all the motor force in your hand,Every breath is full。
leftover,I will give it to the old days to decide。
Goddess military side,Sprints are sprinting the master of the gods and,Like the heel, the nail is long.,Almost in a moment,Stop,go back,shrink,Gather。
It is like forming a body memory.。
And other troops,It is always rushing more than ten meters forward.,Talent Cao’s escape,Like a headless flies, I will find my own sequence.,The scene is very confusing。
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The whole battlefield is all charted,Running a fly-like collapse。Both sides are collapsed,No one don’t fight,Both go to the direction of yourself。
Duan Yak’s native,Dengzhi army with Gao Biyi,All are the first to rectify,Tiger, like two ready to fight,Stare at your opponent,Moving is not moving。
NS1032chapter Four-sided Chu song(1)
Cooker in front of the army,Has been damaged to seven or eight88。They have disrupted the deployment of Duan Zhao, except for shooting.,Other times,Just when it is“Fixed sandbag”。
Can’t say that it doesn’t play,But the problem exposed in this battle,Really a lot。Especially dependent on commissioner dispatching this problem,Always do not have a good solution。
Duan Yu’s battle is just a few“Archer”,Su Su, which is responsible for tail-tailed,As a result, let the whole box car defense。
certainly,It’s not that the army is not。
At this moment,Gao Biye facelessly looked at Jinyang Liu Town Army re-finished formation,Then the front team became the team,Back team meta,Do not turn around,Rush。
On the battlefield of the two military,Secretariand is full of bodies,Almost you can use blood into the river to describe。Gao Bao’s top more than ten meters of box car array,It is more accommodated with a layer of corpse.!
Especially the most intense left wing,The body has completely covered the ground.,There is no one in the place.!
I haven’t played what hard before the Defense Force,This time,The wealth is almost hurt by everyone.,Dirty injury。If it is not a chain of Yang Su,They will not withstand such a big pressure。