So it seems,The other party’s real purpose is not to kill Wang Mengmeng,More just to deter the latter。
After clearing his thoughts, Qin Feng began to stroke his chin,Since I live with Wang Mengmeng under the same roof,Then it’s impossible to stand by。
“Cute,Shall we take a day off from school today,I will help you deal with this?”Qin Feng suddenly said。
“what?Brother Qin Feng,That one.”Wang Mengmeng wanted to refuse,After all, it is not good to involve others in your troubles,She doesn’t want to hurt Qin Feng。But then think again,When he was in the restaurant, Qin Feng faced more than a dozen assassins, as if he had entered the land,This skill must be able to handle a lot of things。
Thought of here,There is a hint of hope in Wang Mengmeng’s eyes。
“Nothing but,While there is still time,go,Go to your house first!”Qin Feng took Wang Mengmeng without saying a word and went out。
On the way to Wang Mengmeng’s house,Qin Feng relies on his own routine skills,Basically all the secrets of Wang Mengmeng came out。
It turns out that Wang Mengmeng lived in their community because Wang Mengmeng’s father was in a bad mood due to poor business.,It happened that Wang Mengmeng did something wrong and scolded him。
When the two of them were quarreling like this, Wang Mengmeng’s father said he wanted to marry Wang Mengmeng to a certain son.。The angry Wang Mengmeng ran away from home like a pique。
I even changed my mobile phone number and various contact methods very simply。In Wang Mengmeng’s opinion,If I ran away from home like this, my father would definitely not be able to find her。So she won’t have to worry about family affairs。Even though I can’t fall asleep in some late nights, I will cry under the quilt,But after all, I still resisted going home。