This thing stumped Huang Junjie and Jiang Tianguang,It’s not easy,Both sides have different economic levels,Even if they have some way,But it’s not necessarily applicable to those places。
It’s just that two people can’t say nothing。
“Business shrink,Because of a big family,If you don’t pay attention, you may be asked for problems。”Tianguang shook his head and said,He knows that this matter is not easy to handle。
After all, some things are also very realistic,It’s unlucky if you don’t handle it properly。
“This is not easy?If business shrinks like this,Those guys thought this company was no longer working,I’m afraid it’s the wall falling down and everyone pushing,It will be a disaster by countless people who have fallen into trouble。”
Huang Junjie doesn’t agree with this approach,He has seen how profitable the bastards are。
Those guys believe in one sentence,No wind, no wave,Have a reason。
But this may be a rumor, no one cares,In this situation,Many places where there is no major situation,That also collapsed directly。
It can be said that a company is established,That takes a few years,But it only takes a moment to collapse。
Lin Qianqian originally expected the two to have any constructive suggestions,But what the two people said is exactly what her sister said,Now the company is in a dilemma。
“There must be a loss,Want to retreat,This is very difficult。”Qin Feng knew this too,No one can make this company completely stable。
“I still need my sister to discuss this matter with you,I don’t know what the situation is。”Lin Qianqian suddenly said,Because she also knows that most of the company is handled by Lin Qingwei。
it’s here,What she said is not clear。
“Don’t worry about this,Let’s summarize our ideas first。”Huang Junjie doesn’t agree with this approach,After all, when they have no ideas,It is impossible to discuss the situation directly with Long Xingquan。
The sky light is also an opinion。The minority obeys the majority,That’s it。
The four people also had a meal that was not a sumptuous meal,Everyone has no appetite anyway。