Reason is human in the US,Just down the plane。
Now it seems,Dictionary is that the piano wine does not want to meet him.。
It’s too hurting.!
“How about it,Can you help me once??”Conan is a big eyes of Waterwell,Selling Skills have been practiced to the fire pure。
Liao Wenjie blows a blowtation,Dislike:“Don’t install cute in front of me next time.,I think you are an adult,Or male,I am uncomfortable.。”
“Neon,To be 20 years old。”
Conan,Hand speed flying tries to get off:“Yes or no,You are talking about it.?”
“alright,It doesn’t matter if you take you.,I go to make makeup,wait for me a bit。”Liao Wenjie throws a bath towel,Wearing a floral trousers walking towards the bathroom。
Wide Liao Wenjie to leave the living room,Gray original:“You trust him so?”
“Yes,Although he does not relieve the style of his work,But just look at the results,You will find,Very surprised,He is not reliable, the style is very efficient.。”Connone。
“I don’t trust him.,I always feel that he has inexplicable me.……”
Cryogen sorrow,Can’t find specific adjectives to describe Liao Wenjie to see her eyes,strange,As if I have been laughing。
what’s so funny?
Sudden,She Yu Guangjing was sitting in the sofa.,Found a piece of metal cartridge after relying on the pillow。
Cryogen sorrows breathing suddenly,Although it is just a small cut,But she remembers very clear,This metal kit is a laboratory custom,Specially used to holdAPTX4869Cartridge。
Maybe just coincidence,I have encountered the same paragraph.!
Gray original mourning face pale,Side comfort yourself,I came to the pillow,Turning the troops to open the metal kit open。
“Hey,Be too rude,How can I see someone else?!”Connone blame。
“Shut up,You idiot,It is killed by you.。”
Cryogen is sad,See a full 12 red white capsule in the medicine box,A black difference in front of you。
“This,this is……”
Conan brain,Small eye and gray,Two faces are more than one white。
Take exhaustion, don’t hesitate to get the capsule,There are twelve in front of,But how can they be happy?,Especially Conan,Nose tip sweating,The whole person is not good.。
if,He said if,If Liao Wenjie is also a member of the black tissue,Then he played in front of the other side.,Also put the gray lavage of the runway……
This is not a self-exposure,This is self-explosion!
“Neither,probably not,He has long known my identity,Really organized member,I definitely can’t live now.。In reasoning my identity,Not a killer is a thief,Buy this batch of medicines reasonable through special channels!”
Conan language,The more you feel that it makes sense.,Looking forward to seeing gray:“You have not seen him,So he is not,Right?”
I beg you,Please be sure to say‘no’,Otherwise, what is my differences and mental disasters?!
Gray original face,Small face:“Organizational members are called with each other,Non-mission is never private,Many members I only heard code,Not clear,I have never seen him is normal.。”
Speaking of which,Gray original eyesight direction,廖文杰 is still easy,Everything has come,immediately……
Take a gun and kill him。
Gun weapon tentacle,Gray original picked up a submachine gun,Give Conan a gesture,Two people are responsible for the door,A responsible for fire。
Such a near distance,Have an heart,Liao Wenjie is dead。
“Hey,Are you crazy?”
The big head of Conan is bombed.,Return the gun back in place,Nerve tight:“It’s useless,I see my eyes.,His neurodent and flesh are non-human levels,The bullet does not hurt him.。”
“That is poisoned。”
Ceramic sorrow refers to red white capsules in a metal kit:“Since his physical quality is far more,OneAPTX4869Do not insurance,Twelve all fell in grape juice。”
“calm down,Twelve,Blinds can see,The fool will drink。”