Chapter Eleven Not week·Human Race
Gong Gong and Zhu Rong,This is the time when the two self-chaos developed,Was born and innately mastered the heavenly way of water、Chaos ancestor of the fire heaven。
Their supernatural power is immense。
Co-worker body python head,Holding Pangu’s Axe and swinging,Surrounded by endless water。
Zhu Rong Beast Head Human Body,I wish Rongshen is burning,Holding a long stick to rotate。
Logically,Although Gonggong was once defeated by Fuxi,,But among the ten ancestral gods, Fuxi is recognized as second only to the public power of Nuwa。On Weapons,The Pangu axe in Gonggong’s hands is too strong,Zulong died under this axe,His strength should be far stronger than Zhu Rong。This is also the reason why most chaotic gods and demons press Gonggong to win。
However, the situation of this battle,But many gods and demons can’t believe it。
Zhu Rong,Actually on the basis of fire and heaven,Go to earth、The two heavens of Yang,Display‘Stone hit to make fire’The law,Frontally defeated Gonggong’s stunt with the Pangu axe。
When performing tricks,Endless Zhu Rong Shenhuo Entangling,And a stone appeared in Zhu Rong’s palm,The flame gave the stone energy beyond the ancestors,One blow,Almost destroyed everything along the way。
Gonggong uses the Pangu axe to display the axe that contains the complete water and heaven,Motivate the nine real waters,Turn into an endless flood to stop that blow。
But useless,Water over fire,Turchok water。
This battle,Zhu Rong performed thirteen times in succession‘Stone hit to make fire’,Defeated all the means of Gonggong。
This battle,Co-workers,defeat!
However, Gong Gong,Did not accept this fact。