Qin Feng was about to leave after saying this,He is really weak,So I need to find a place to rest。
“what?”The two sisters are also shocked,Then he knelt down in unison。
“What are you doing?”Qin Feng frowned and said,He really doesn’t have any special emotions。
“Thank you,We don’t know what to say this time.,If possible,I want to show my gratitude。”
“What do you want from now on,Then we also do our best to help you do it,This is our promise。”Both people said with a certain face,They are really excited。
I thought my grandfather could no longer survive,But who knows the turnaround,There is still a way to save,In this situation,The mood of two people can naturally be understood。
Qin Feng said blankly:“Many times you don’t need that much,If I could, I would just say a word,You guys are really not good,Always do so many messy things。”
Things in the village,I’ll be the master at that time。
Qin Feng has already taken action,He naturally wants to get some rewards。
I really think Qin Feng is a saint?
“This thing is necessary,We will give you all the information about that company later。”Lin Qianqian also said with a certain face,She naturally knows how to be grateful。
“Ok,You know it。”Qin Feng was also relieved in his heart,The village will not turn to other places。
At least many things are planned as he wants。