“No wonder the Netherlands is one of the largest economies in Europe……”
Overlooking the brightly illuminated city below from the night sky,Everyone couldn’t help but sigh,Talking in a low voice,of course,Also have different voices……
“Holland re-developed,That is also a capitalist country。”
“Just,Some time ago they also sold submarines to4VUp……”
“But the Netherlands has not promised not to sell submarines to4VIs it,As the saying goes,Know your mistakes and improve it,And now the diplomatic relations between the two countries are back to normal……”
“If it weren’t for us to fight internationally,Put pressure on the Dutch government,They can give up?”
“I heard that Mr. Chen Geng helped,He talked about it when he met the Queen of Holland,Queen found……”
“But I heard that this is not the case at all。I admit that Mr. Chen Geng is very good,But think about it,This is a major event related to the diplomatic relations between the two countries,Can Chen Geng influence such a big event?……”
For many people in China,They don’t care about the Netherlands, a country far away,Maybe many people have never even heard of this small European country,But for this trip to Holland,Those who have just merged into the Hafei Plant and Chengfa Plant of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group are included in the Netherlands to participate in the new generationF28Engineers in the large regional jet development project,But I have something to say。
Fortunately,Just when everyone thinks things have turned yellow,Turn around,Suddenly it came out that our country is actively negotiating the normalization of relations with the Dutch government.,The organization also requires people like themselves to step up their studies,Hurry to the Netherlands after the normalization of relations between the two countries。Not long afterwards,There will be official official news,The Dutch government has formally promised not to4VSell any type of weaponry,Relations between the two countries will return to normal soon……
Until this time,Everyone was relieved,Finally determined,Mr. Chen Geng and the Dutch Falkland-There is no problem with the cooperation of United Aviation Technology,natural,The role played by his own boss in promoting Sino-Dutch relations,Was given to mythology by some people intentionally or unintentionally,Just this myth,It makes some people feel uncomfortable、awkward:Things that our huge country can’t handle,Chen Geng can do it with a foreign businessman?
It’s too big, right
Contradiction arises。
And seeing the atmosphere start to get angry,Tian Weihong, the leader of the team, gave a light cough,He whispered to Song Changming, who came to the Netherlands with the company’s chartered flight, the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands:“Song Leader,You see……Would you like to say something to the big guy?”
Because there are more people,In order for everyone to arrive in the Netherlands as comfortable as possible,Chen Geng simply wrapped up a McDonnell Douglas80。
In protest against the Dutch government4VThe sale of military equipment,At the first moment of the downgrade of diplomatic relations between the two sides,The Huaxia government withdrew the entire team of the embassy in the Netherlands to China,Only one office is basically maintained,This time the relationship between the two parties returned to normal,The embassy team naturally needs to rush over at the first time,Just right,There are still many vacancies on the plane that Chen Geng has contracted for the engineer team of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group to the Netherlands,Everyone to discuss,Let’s go together,Can also give the country a lot of foreign exchange……The money saved is also good for the early operation of the embassy。
Not to mention that the big guy is now free to fly,Even if Chen Geng helped the diplomatic system so much,,Song Changming couldn’t refuse,He nodded:“it is good。”