“Ok,Maybe on the road tomorrow!”
The old dragon guard nodded:“fair enough,Do not worry,I have to deal with some things in the North Sea,Wipe out all the dirty things here,So I will take care of you, Bencheng。”
What the old dragon guard said,Xia Chenglong naturally rest assured,Even the teacher said,The opponent is definitely the most powerful warrior besides the endless ban。
Xia Chenglong got up,Bow specifically:“Then there is Mr. Lao,And you can rest assured,I will definitely send the dragon seed back safely!”
“Ok,I can rest assured when you do things!”
For many people,This moment is just the beginning of Huang Liang’s dream,But for Xia Chenglong,This will be a new journey。
As for whether you can take a big step on this thorny road,It depends on the will of God。
But since he chose to go, he will never go back,Will not regret,This is his life motto!
Chapter five hundred and eighty three White old man
The old dragon guard leaves,His words can be regarded as a reassurance for Xia Chenglong,As long as there is nothing wrong with Bincheng,He can naturally go out and give it a go。
No sleep,Xia Chenglong thought of something。