Di Cui Qingqing, go back to class,The man said:“Di, rest assured,We are brothers,Qingqing will be sister-in-law from now on,She is in school!”
“Of course you have to cover your sister-in-law!okay,Drink together in a few days,Hurry back to class。”Dee waved goodbye,Got in the car,Touched the swollen goldfish eye and said:“Don’t know how long it will take,so ugly。”
“I have no experience,Turn around, ask Abao。”Chen Wenjin drove onto the road。
Di looked at him and said:“Thanks to you today,Solve the problem unexpectedly。”
“You think it fits。”Chen Wenjin didn’t expect to come out by himself without asking for that person。
“Suitable!Now this result can’t be better!”Di seems to be really not uncomfortable,Still very happy。“My dad said,Encounter a fight,Can force others to stop,You can also take the initiative and choose to stop,If you suffer a loss, you can end the fight that hurts each other,It’s worth it。If you can turn an enemy into a friend,Then make a lot of money。You said,After being beaten a few times and turning the enemy into a friend, I have a good brother,Not worth it yet?”
“Why don’t you get another beating tomorrow,I’ll help you turn enemies into friends?”Chen Wenjin’s curious proposal,See if Di really thinks it’s worth it。
“If I go to another school to pick up girls in the future,You can do it again if necessary,But next time I have to protect my face,It’s not good to be so handsome。”Dee looking in the mirror,Pity his face that is so handsome and bursting。
Chapter Three Eighty One Someone always appreciates
Di really thinks it’s worth,Chen Wenjin doesn’t say anything about him。
I didn’t ask much in my memory,Now I know that Di’s approach is actually to trust his father’s professor’s philosophy。
Chen Wenjin think about it,Di except for the smelly mouth,I never took the initiative to hit anyone in my memory,Just don’t understand,Why did Di talk?……