The wooden knife shook his head,Sighed:“but now,Can’t stand it at all!”
He looked at the knife in his hand,Just such a moment of effort,The body of this chopper has become pitted,If you do it again,Basically a piece of scrap iron。
“What to do next?Can Zhong Yefu withstand it??”Tu Shanming scratched his head,Asked。
A helpless smile appeared on the face of the wooden knife,Tao:“The same goes for their team,The space inside is too narrow,I can’t stand it,Most of them can’t stand it。”
“They will be like us,Go in and exit。give up!This year’s hunt is over!No one can clear the monster inside。”The wooden knife said lightly,The tone is full of regret。
If it’s as he said,The elite team of Zhong Yefu came here,Once in the hole, you can’t violate it,If you choose to retreat,Then it means that the wooden knife has no chance to assassinate。
Maybe you really have to wait after returning to Bairimen,Let’s fight again with Zhong Yefu and the others!
“and many more,I may have a way!”at this time,Lu Menglin smiled and said。
Chapter one thousand and seven Shengmen
“What can you do?”Although the wooden knife clearly showed an expression of disbelief,But still asked in a deep voice。
Maybe in his mind,Alu is the kind of person who always brings surprises and hope to people!
“If I have a way to let them in,What are you going to do?”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
“This is impossible!The monsters inside are too dense,They are not stupid,How can you push inward?”Tu Shanming was the first to not believe,Asked rhetorically。
Lu Menglin smiled:“Don’t worry about it!I just want to ask,If they go in,What do you plan to do with the wooden knife?”