Chen Amei threw the last few straws into the stove while facing the camera,Introduction:“These are sesame sticks,After sesame harvest,Straw sun-dried,Recyclable resources,Serve to cook。”
Got angry in the pot,Chen Amei started putting oil on,Put down the ginger, garlic, hot pepper, etc. and fry it in the pot to taste,Add ingredients、Condiments,Light car familiar road,She stirs up delicious food。
After a while the pot got angry,With Chen Amei’s cry:“time up”。Uncover the pot,Savory and delicious,After skillfully out of the pot,Color and fragrance。the most important is,Chen Amei served a bowl of rice,Bring this bowl of freshly fried dishes,Sitting on the multifunctional chopping board at the door and shouting to the camera:“Began to eat!”
With Chen Amei’s cry,Import the food with big mouthfuls,Her good appetite passed on to the onlookers。
Tian Ludian starts live broadcast,Search for the live broadcast number of Chen Amei’s food sharing,Fans10+Up,Netizens commented,You can smell the food across the screen。
Recording video requires post-production,Chen Amei’s videos are all live broadcast,No intermediate links,So it seems more real,Trustworthy。
From choosing vegetables to frying,Chen Amei’s wisdom is undoubtedly。
Chen Amei only cooks one dish at a time,She adjusts each dish according to her own taste,Every time she takes the lead in tasting,And eat up。
Chen Amei’s live broadcast audience is relatively wide,Generally connected with people related to chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea,In other words, as long as the cook is concerned,This is still a big crowd。
Food for the people,In the city、The rural audience includes,Compared to those with clothes、Fashionable online Taobao for beauty,Food teaching and recommendation of ingredients、Condiments,More intuitive。
Tian Lu admires the peasant women’s advancement with the times,I admire them for being grounded,I admire the talents of Chen Amei, an ordinary girl,Different from those fansnaiNoodles,Different from the appearance、The man who fell inside,Chen Amei is more pleasing。
This is the first life lesson at the first stop of Tian Lulai High-tech Industrial Park.,Watch Amei Chen live,Very inspirational。Probably related to the humanistic environment of the entire high-tech industrial park,Full of positive、Open and enlightened、Suntech’s atmosphere。In this city,I don’t want to do something。
Tian Lu’s plan to go out in the morning has fallen through,Better to stay,Experience the legendary day of Chen Amei。Of course Chen Amei’s live broadcast is not something Tian Lu can copy,Need talent and love,She can only watch and learn。
First194chapter Enlightenment