Ziyunlong fell heavily from a height of several hundred meters,Its purple scales are as hard as silver,But it shattered a large piece of,The long keel seems to be broken in several places。
Where it is,Is a stone statue of a general。
The stone statue has been powdered,The hillside has become a horrible depression,Ziyunlong lies in this depression,I don’t know how many times my body is heavy,It’s been a long time to get up。
Blood seeped from the broken scales in the abdomen,Turned into drops of blood,The sword spirit dragon floating to the heights。
Blade of the Sword Spirit Dragon,Drinking blood and blushing,It looked like an old sword just now,But more and more like a battlefield sword,Shenwei blooms!
The sword body began to heat up。
The sword spirit dragon seems to be reborn in battle,The inscription ancient soul sleeping in its sword,Also waking up!
“Jade Blood Inscription。”
Zhu Minglang raised his lips,Probably only the self who has been immersed in the abandoned sword forest for ten years,Did you recognize this sword of blue blood?。
Hao Shi’s Blood,Three years in possession,Turn into jasper!
Use this jasper to shape the sword body,Once in the battlefield,The blood of any enemy you have slashed,It will glow with a sharp edge!
The body of the sword spirit dragon,There are many such ancient swords,Their souls will only awaken under certain circumstances,And the most direct,The most ferocious,It is also this inscription!
When standing still,The sword is as exquisite as jasper。
Slash,Sword burns,Blood red and striking!