Although the chat group stopped for a while because of this,But everyone once again felt the approachability from the group leader。
I didn’t expect the group leader to have such a cute side,I didn’t say anything about it,Can even play with them,Mingle。
if possible,Chat group, please invite more such big guys!
Wu Xing who left the live broadcast room,And even the chat group went offline,no way,If you don’t leave, the title of non-chief will be crowned on his handsome group leader.,That fame was really ruined!
As for someone coming?Of course this is also true,But he wasn’t looking for,But for Lena。
He also knows who came to Lena,Not only know,Still very familiar,Met a while ago,Seduced him more。
Super Seminary,meeting room,The atmosphere is a bit tense at the moment。
After receiving the order from Queen Keisha,Yan came here with Moi and Yunyan。
“Yo,Those are the inheritors of Shenhe Gene,It seems to work hard。”Yan is standing at the window of the meeting room,Looking at Ge Xiaolun and others who are training below,Said slightly surprised。
“Is very hard,Over a thousand kilograms。”After Jae Yan finished,Yun Yan also glanced below,Couldn’t help but smile。
“This is much harder than our angel training。”Hear here,Even Moy smiled。
The three angels said these people worked hard,But that tone and expression,Anyone with a discerning eye can see that they are mocking。
And hearing the three angels insinuate,Lena frowned,Although the opponent represents the highest civilization in the universe,But such a proud tone,Still make her feel unhappy。
“Speak,What are you doing here?”Although the tone is very uncomfortable,Lena still endured it,Said in a deep voice。
She doesn’t think these angels came to the Super Seminary,Just to see the inheritors of the Shenhe gene。
Hiko who heard Reina’s words,Leave the window slowly,Sat down again“Delay your training them,You won’t skip and hit me,little girl?”
“Not yet,Old fairy!”Lena,Can’t help but fight back。
Rena’s counterattack,After listening to Yunyan on the side,Have to stand up,But was stopped by Yan。