He was also relieved,According to the description of these people,The people above were successfully rescued。Remaining buildings,Burn it,As long as it doesn’t kill anyone。
Populus hasn’t landed yet,Sure enough, there was another explosion on the fourth floor,Blast open a glass window directly,Shards of glass flying around,One of the onlookers was recruited,A piece is stuck in his foot,Suddenly screamed again and again。
Shentuxin stabilized the woman’s situation,Stretched。
“how about it?”Wen Wenhao asked。
“Inhale a lot of carbon dioxide,No life threatening now。I’m going to see Brother Hu,I’m afraid he is injured。correct,Your arm burns,To deal with it。”
The fire brigade is still fighting the fire,No time to talk to everyone。
Seeing Brother Hu landed intact,Hua Zai and others, and the audience in the live broadcast room are all at ease,Asking about Hu’s situation,Is there any injury。
“Nothing,The scalp was numb by the first explosion,Ear ringing。Second explosion,Broken glass and got my arm,Skin trauma。”Hu Yang said。
Shen Tuxin came over,Check for a while:“Ok!Tinnitus is normal,Okay。but,A shot of tetanus in the arm。”
After checking,The old man brought two little guys over,Kneeling two little guys to Populus。
“Hey!Old man,useless,useless!Get up。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventeen Taoist Temple
Something like this happened,I can’t continue playing today。Although Hu Yang and Wen Wenhao were not seriously injured,,But I went to the hospital to deal with it。
This saving video,Soaring on the Internet,With the help of live streaming platforms,Hu Yang’s live broadcast room’s attention reached 600,000,Finally unlocked the eye for knowledge。
For Populus,Good news,So he is in a good mood now。