Except Zhang Wenda,He was instructed to seduce the tail behind to get through,I’m missing now,The tail refers to both Xu Wen and Shen Yingjie。
The trespassers will have to experience the resistance of the Zhang family.,Peripheral‘Tianzhenwei’Kills and the interception of the two perverted and outrageous silver armor gods,Can stand in the underground palace passage through the dead gate,I’m unceremoniously saying that I have passed five levels,extraordinary。
“Wait a minute。”The black shadow sees the short knife made by Li Tianzhi’s vitality once again releases a dazzling brilliance,He waved his hand quickly,“Little brother,You and I have no grievances,You don’t have to die,The old man is just doing his duty when he stops here,You can go to the underground palace。”
Li Tianzhen was surprised,I can’t believe that Sombra gave way so easily?But distinguish the tone,Not pretending,So he slowly lost his vitality,“Brother,I have a question,In the underground palace you just mentioned,Zhang family is dying,What means?”
“Why did the little brother come to this underground palace??”
“Coming because of the Zhang family。”Li Tianzhi thought for a moment,The thing that demonized Zhang Zhiqiang,And the Zhang family secrets he knew,Since the other party is here,Must have a lot to do with the secrets in the underground palace,There is no need to hide what I know。
“It turns out that the little brother is an official family member,The old man is disrespectful。”Sombra’s tone was so relieved,Still far away, punching Li Tianzhen,“Quite a few of the rumors you mentioned are true,This is not a place to talk,Please come with me。”
“There is no time to chat at this time?I just ask you,Is Zhang Wenda your Zhang family?,and also,Have you met one of my colleagues?Stout,Surname Wu。”Before Li Tianzhen could answer,Shen Yingjie asked first,Frequent vibrations in the underground palace,The shadow speaks scary,She naturally has to care about Wu Fang’s life and death。
“Brother, don’t blame,We are also looking for people,How is the situation in the underground palace now?”
“Ha ha,Does not matter。The underground palace is in bad condition,But it’s not that I didn’t even have the time to say a few words,Zhang Jiahua doesn’t know how high the world is,Against the sky,Insisting on starting the seal formation,Will be struck by lightning。”The tone of the shadow is full of helplessness,Turn around and leave after speaking。
“Hey,You wait,What do you mean by half-talk?”
“Follow him。”Li Tianzhen heard something in the other party’s words,Here is the passage to the underground palace,I’m afraid it’s really inconvenient to say。
Dark shadows move slowly,The steep slope feels flat to him,Li Tianzhen dragged Shen Yingjie to follow,The two sides kept a distance of five or six feet,The guard against each other still exists。
After walking for some distance,Slower slope,There is another side road ahead,Sombra walked the one on the left without thinking,Li Tianzhu and two followed,Unexpectedly, this side road is a dead end。
I saw the shadow standing still at the end of the road,Slowly turned around and stretched out his left hand,Flick,A ball of light the size of a goose egg fell on the ground,Then slowly grow upward,Soon it became a big stone pillar about half a person,Extremely dim fluorescence。
By halo,Shen Yingjie finally saw the other side’s appearance,An old man who can’t grow old,Weight loss,The skin on my face has shrunk,Skin sucks together,Reminiscent of the bark of a thousand-year-old tree。
The dress of the old man is also a product of the century,A padded jacket with hair everywhere,Covered with an invisible leather vest,A pair of suede boots that are also invisible in color,What surprised Shen Yingjie most is,The old man still has a gray braid on the back of his head,It is easy to remind people of the characters in the late Qing Dynasty or the Republic of China。
The old man smiled and smiled,Turn around,Reached out and touched the rock wall beside him,Then push hard,With the dull sound,Actually opened a small stone gate,“Right here。”The old man walked in as he spoke。