“rest assured,I can go back alone。”
“Do not worry,Actually, I have been in charge of the club these years,People in the club follow me。Just go back and find my dad,I can stop him。”
“Ok,Then you be careful,Call me if there is anything that can’t be solved!”
“it is good!”
At this time there was another announcement urging boarding。
“No more,I’m going to board。”
“it is good,Remember to land,give me a call。”
Watching Osheng turn and walk towards the boarding gate step by step,Chen Xiu felt unwilling to give up,I didn’t know until parting,It turns out that Ou Sheng has always had a lot of weight in his heart。
Ou Sheng is equally reluctant,Take a few steps,Suddenly turned back,Flew into Chen Xiu’s arms,Two red lips printed on。
The two kissed hard together,Feeling the tenderness between each other,The things that have been experienced together in my mind surface like a movie。
I know that there is another voice urging registration,The two talents are slowly letting go。