After Nezha heard what Sun Wukong said,,Said doubtfully,He feels that Monkey King has a problem,What about the calculations of the Lord Buddha Tathagata?Can the Lord of Buddhism, Tathagata, still chase the world where Monkey King is??
therefore,Sun Wukong could kill the black woman directly,Then turn around and leave leisurely,Let the master of the demon race outside the territory resent the master of Buddhism Tathagata,Instead of deliberately letting the black woman go。
Not bad,In Nezha’s view,This guy Sun Wukong deliberately made rounds and wanted to let the black woman go,Even if the woman in black is beautiful,so what?Why is Sun Wukong so crazy this time??
If it wasn’t for Nezha who knew he couldn’t beat Monkey King at this moment,He must awake Sun Wukong fiercely,Indecision will only harm more people。
“Nezha group members,I think the Monkey King group members must have their own difficulties,Like the black woman?or,Love at first sight?I really asked what love in the world is,Directly teach people and ghosts。”
“Even if you do nothing,Just turn around and leave,Won’t involve so many things,Monkey King group members,How about you see if the sword spirit of Zhen Yaojian can make you sober?How about I give you some sword energy?”
After Jingtian heard what Sun Wukong said,,Sighed,Said quietly,He is not as angry as Nezha,but,he thinks,Even if Sun Wukong left directly before。
He doesn’t believe it,The woman in black dared to kill the Monkey King in that world under the watchful eyes of the Lord Buddha Tathagata?The woman in black knows that there are strong people in that world,Will definitely proceed with caution,How dare to act recklessly?
“how to say?I suspect that the demon that I refined before has something to do with the demon race outside the territory,otherwise,I won’t just meet the black woman,There is an inexplicable intimacy,Have been interfering with my will。”
“This time,I’m not as skilled as people,It’s calculated and deserved,but,Shame today,My Sun Wukong will never forget,Someday,I want to kill the Lord Buddha Tathagata,And the woman in black who bewitched me。”
“I’m going to thwart them,To wash away my shame。”
After Sun Wukong heard the persuasion of two friends Nezha and Jingtian,Solemnly say,Shame today,His Monkey King is unforgettable in his life,Only use blood,To wash away his shame。
Someday,He must make the Lord of Buddhism pay the price,And the woman in black,He won’t let it go,Intimacy?Interfere with his consciousness?so what?
Since he could refine the demon,Advanced Level Four,Then he will suppress the hidden dangers that will appear after refining the gods,He is not a lazy Sedum,he,Monkey King,But kills without blinking。
“Stop talking big,When the Monkey King enters the seventh level one day,,Say this again,otherwise,Saying this can only make us laugh at you。”
“but,Monkey King,I think your advanced level 4 is so complicated,It’s definitely not easy to advance to Tier 5,How about the Monkey King learning from the original Fang Han?”