“you guessed right!The sailor told the ear hole that he was new here,Let everyone trust,This counts as a certificate。The first to sail,Pierced second,Several people on the boat went in one by one。In reply to the sailing,Earholes agreed without hesitation,And also very proactive。”Wang Shuai already knew the answer,But couldn’t help but sigh:“The black world is really shocking!”
“Next trip,The piercing will be the result, right??”Chen Wenjin thinks this person has pierced ears,I should have received it earlier。He guessed that the time is almost too,Wang Shuai is not willing to delay,Today’s meal,Wang Shuai deliberately made up such a vain sustenance,It is basically to make him value pierced ears very much,I just hope the illusion of pierced ears,Of course, to avoid piercings and Xiao Cui suspects that what is about to happen is related to Wang Shuai。
Have a bedding for dinner tonight,Wang Shuai also specifically mentioned that the group of people has two levels of relationship with him,Then,It’s not surprising that he doesn’t sell his face too much。
“what……You can’t wait to see the end of the pierced ears,is not it?”Wang Shuai said with a smile:“It’s a Justice League atmosphere.,I can’t wait!This story tonight,I wonder if Xiao Xiao knows?”
“Do you think Xiaocui will share it among girls?”Chen Wenjin asks。
“that’s true!Can’t let Xiao Xiao feel,I’m not sincere enough for her as a member of the Justice League。”Wang Shuai driving the car,Watching the silhouettes flash by on the road,I suddenly felt that:“This world is so big,So many good things every day,Bad things,How can we see more、Learn more?It’s really hard to know how much!”
“Know how much,What we can understand,Is what can be understood in this life。Actually these negative things,It’s boring to know too much,It’s okay to find out about it,It’s better to live in the bright side。”Chen Wenjin thought,Originally so,But the power of alien black technology is different。
original,His age,And don’t have these recent experiences。
He equals,There are two different experiences。
Chen Wenjin also heard the story of smuggling in the future,Those who go abroad,Income is much higher than in China,So many are invested,One person charges more than 200,000 yuan,In this age,It’s money for a house。
But if you can get a job,The investment can indeed be earned back relatively quickly。
People of that era,I can’t even dream of the income gap of dozens of times at home and abroad,It’s so close in the future,Never think of,The value of fixed assets actually surpasses the accumulated income of many years away from home。
Opposite Pengshi,This age is still a place that makes people dream of going for gold、The nearest sacred place,In the near future,Also lost its huge economic advantage。
Unfortunately these futures cannot be known by this era,Even if someone tells the world what the future looks like,Can’t be trusted in this era。
But if you can,That kind of future may not reappear。
Piercings do not know the future,Just a little envious of the smugglers who go to the other side to make more money,When chatting with people you know like tanks,What he said was just the embarrassment of the people on the boat,There are unfortunate stories。“Several people are stupid like dogs,Still screaming for rights on the boat,I was so scared and told me to leave the sea again,I won’t speak anymore。An idiot plausibly yelled that they were crowded,Unite together or something,Then he was pulled out and beaten up,Only then did he realize that no one stood up with him,Be honest。The people on the boat said that there are many such fools,It takes a while to know that the world on the ship is different。”
The curiosity that everyone hears,A boy without a girlfriend quickly said enviously:“Pierced ears,If you run into beautiful women,Can you do that??Not so cool?”
“really!I only went once,I met with good luck,That look、That figure……”Pierced ears, drinking wine with great interest。
Leopard is very upset,He just doesn’t want to see pierced ears triumphantly,Can’t help but say:“This guy is such a bastard!He still smiles after they smuggled so miserably?How did he laugh!Is he human?!What’s the matter even if they sell it out??Then it’s not human?Selling is also doing business,So the overlord can bow?Look at what he said triumphantly,Maybe he got on too,Don’t dare to say it in front of Xiaocui?Yes,I think it must be!”