A man wanted to back down after listening,He is less courageous。
But every time I saw before them,It’s all a lofty one,The glamorous old fox。
He didn’t dare to come forward and do something with him,Especially after I heard that the old fox was still as cruel to them,I thought the old fox still had a hand,Thinking,Or forget it。
But some others are extremely desperate and desperate,Now they don’t have any continuation or source,Only bad life。
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The old fox has what they want in his hand,I can’t wait to pounce on it,So they said to the timid man again,
“What are you afraid of?This old man,If you have any skills,Must have used it long ago,Otherwise, why are you still talking to us here,It’s just a bereaved dog。”
“And still a little devil,How long has he oppressed us?We’re here to do and die for him,Not get half benefit,Also got this disease。”
“And he sits back,Sleeping in the money pile every day,Don’t everyone resent such a person??”
“Besides, he thinks he has some money,Just look down on us,And scolded us as the people,How is he different from us,It’s just a better life,Why should we be stepped on by him again。”
“Now is an opportunity for us to avenge our grudges,Let’s try to bully。”
Saying that the man rushed up first,Want to snatch things from that old fox。
And after the men behind them were instigated by him,I feel angry too,Desperately rushed to the old fox,Everyone got on the old fox,Let him hand over the box of things he hid。