In addition to providing the Shannian to the convenience of selling "mountain goods", the Jilin passenger segment staff is also installed on the big collection of trains, and the utility information such as special products are raised, advertising, weather forecast, etc.

In addition, they also cooperated with the Jilin Epidemic Prevention Stations, inviting seven medical assistance team members to set up a propaganda point to carry out a health and safety manual to the mountains, and measure blood pressure and blood sugar for the mountains, and the people’s common sense and epidemic prevention knowledge.

Low fare, high-quality service, warm environment, and lively atmospheres deeply attractive mountains.

Liu End is a frequent visitor of "Public Welfare Slow Train", "Train Collection" solves the daily expenses of their old couple, providing them with a lot of convenience. Recalling a trainer, I will sell more than 3,000 yuan. He excitedly said: "This slow train is really great, it makes the people in the mountains feel the warmth of the party, not only solved. I have a difficult problem and let the waist bag drum.