“This is given to me by an old friend,That guy likes to play with these ores,I’m just fascinated”
Nodded,Look at the black pattern Yaojin in your hand,It’s like admiring a piece of art,I even admired unconsciously:“So pretty”
“The purpose is reached,We can go now”
Nodded,Qingqing knocks on the door,The door opens slowly,Wang Zhenming came over。
“The old man has already chosen?”
Nodded,It’s a default。
“okay,Since the matter is over,I should go too,See you later”
Picking up the bracelet,Walk towards the door,It’s just that Wang Zhenming didn’t notice,The footsteps in front of me are a bit quicker than before。
Wang Zhenming watched Fuming leave with some doubts,Although some feelings are not,But didn’t think much,Turned and walked into the treasure house。
Look at what’s in front of you,Frown slightly。
“These medicinal materials are not few,Very strange”
Wang Zhenming went to the ore,Look at the ore on the shelf,Randomly glance at the mine pile aside,Watching the mine pile being pulled apart,A little bit in my heart。
“No way!”
Wang Zhenming inspects the ore one by one,Hit each one,But in the end it all finished,But I don’t have what I want to see!
Wang Zhenming’s mind is like a nuclear explosion,Momentarily blank,I can’t think of it,I hid the black pattern Yaojin so deep,Still taken away by others!