Is Tianfu so rich now??
After I learned about this,Sent them a market research report!
Tianfu now has at least 10,000 women,The annual consumption of self-improvement in fitness and beauty exceeds 500,000!
Spend 800,000 to purchase a ten-year sum of high-quality services,It’s already too cheap!
I suggest they raise the threshold,Otherwise, this branch might not be enough。
Bai Anni and Zhang Meng didn’t believe me at all,I think my investigation report is a bit exaggerated。
Change to a place like Shangdu Guangcheng in Beijing,It’s normal to have such a large consumer group!
In a city with a slower pace of life like Tianfu,There should not be such a large consumer group。
result,One month later。
What i said happened,Mengni Women’s Club No. 2 has more than 200 more members。
It doesn’t seem crowded,But also far exceeded the original expectations!
The longer,The services provided by Menni Women’s Club appear more valuable,The better the reputation is!
If in Haicheng,This situation will definitely not happen。