Even yellow,Even damaged,But as long as there is clear writing on the land deed,Have a certain collection value。Especially this kind of land lease,Great collection value。”Hu Yang reminds everyone。
“understand,Call now,Ask family members,Is there any such thing preserved?。”
“I definitely don’t have one in my house,Pathetic!”
“No title deed,But i remember,Grandma seems to have turned out the food stamp,There are silver tickets,I don’t know if I threw it away。”
“Tut!Have a silver ticket,Looks like your family used to be rich!”After all, ordinary people don’t need cash at all,Just like the current check,Ordinary people don’t have to do that stuff at all。
Hu Yang carefully refolded the title deed,Then put away,What a surprise。
See the speech on the public screen in the live broadcast room,He couldn’t help saying a few more words:“Food stamp,It’s a special product,Because there are so many leftovers,So usually waste paper,not valuable。Only those with a small circulation,Collectable value。
In the case of bank notes,Because it is printed,So its artistic value will be slightly worse。A rare silver ticket in the Qing Dynasty,Or Baochao,Ranging from 100,000 to 300,000。
The brother said just now that his family has,Might as well use it for identification,Or maybe take a picture,Put it in our fan group,I will take a look at some time。”
this time,Wah Tsai、He Wenqing and Tang You both cheered up,After all, hundreds of thousands may be picked up by the roadside。
“It’s that grandma。”Hua Zi suddenly pointed to the front。
Hu Yang, they looked over,I saw the grandma who sold fruits before,Came back to the village。
He Wenqing suddenly proposed:“or,Visit her house?”