Zhao Xiaoling hesitated,It is also bold and takes a first step.。
She is wearing a back zipper today.,At this time, it is a Dada’s preference in front of Li.。
The water bead slipped along the snow white,That bright red lips,Water eye,It’s all ignited Li Hui Feng.。
Her last sentence,Thorough let Li Xiangxue lose control。
Go straight forward,Then some can’t wait。
On the evening,Sound hitting sound in the bathroom,Directly in the trunk。
The next morning,Zhao Xiaoli and Zhao Xiaoling are also getting up early.。
Let them haven’t thought of,There are two neat ladies underwear and coats on the bed.。
Needless to say,They also know that Li speaks from the wind to them.。
Thoughtful of three people in the bathroom last night,Zhao Xiaoli couldn’t help but look toward Zhao Xiaoling。
“Little girl,You can,Nowadays, the means is very powerful than your sister.,Actually people help you pull zipper,This trick can really take。”
“Big sister,Don’t say,Still not you pull me in。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoling also wore it。
After wearing,Zhao Xiaoling is also a surprised road:“Big sister,How do I feel that this dress is more standard than I bought?。”
“Yup,I am also in this body.。”
Zhao Xiaoli is a bit surprised。
“Little girl,Do you say that the small wind is not ready for this day??”
“Forehead,I have no idea,But I didn’t tell him my size.!”
Just finished this,Li Hui is also coming in.。
“Hey-hey,I am ready.,Always in my password box,I am afraid that one day you have no clothes.,I didn’t expect it to really use it.。”
“breeze,Then how do you know the size of our two??”
I heard this,Li Hui Rong reached out and did a dragon started action。
Instantly two women’s second,At the same time, my face is shameless.。
“breeze,You are bad!But people like it.。”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoling’s temptation,Li Hui Feng does not help but feel some mouthfuls。
If it is Zhao Xiaoli,I don’t feel anything.,But Zhao Xiaoling is so,That killing is not going to。
Especially the contrast,After all, Zhao Xiaoling is not such a character in the weekdays.。
Look at the time,In the morning five o’clock,Although the sky has already lit up,But he feels completely to continue to open his heart again.。
“Hey-hey,Ling Sister,I also like it.。”
Say this,Li Hui Hui opened his arms once again left the two people.。
Until the morning eight o’clock,Zhao Xiaoshan finds the door,Zhao Xiaoling was scared to Zhao Xiaoli to wear clothes,At the same time, Li will hurry to change the door.。
After Li Hui ran out,React,This four-nest seems to be his。
Zhao Xiaoli feels a bit soft with Zhao Xiaoling,Especially Zhao Xiaoli has a little bit of his own little girl.。
“Blame you,If you let you know,You will see that your fuck will give you political classes.。”
“How can this blame me?,Both big sisters, you have a good thing with me.。”