Blue Xin looked at his injured hands,Worry:“That take a break,Waiting for your hand,Do you want to continue to take it?,Not a few days left。”
Blue son, look at my mother, worry,Heart is somewhat unwilling,Laugh on the face,“Mother,I have paid a lot in the previous period.,Mom is in the time of the hospital,I am saddened.,How many times he makes me? I am willing.,The cry of the show is the execution。
But now my mother is good.,I seem to be awake again.,Don’t want to be abused,I am afraid that my mother is worried.。”
Blue Xin’s throat,She knew that this accident left a lot of shadows in the hearts of the three children.。
“Ran Ran,Mom will be fine,You also have to protect yourself,I have encountered such a thing in the future.,Don’t support hard,Learn to protect yourself first,Then call my mom and dad,do you know?”
“Um!Mother,I will,What happened today would not happen anymore.,He is this for me.,It is also because I have been filming.,Only the assistant accompany me in the past,妍 咪 has never been to。”
Blue Xin angered:“No matter for any reason,He shouldn’t be angry with you a child,He does this is not right.。”
“Mother,I know,But I am hungry.,I haven’t eaten in the morning.。”
He is afraid of mother worry,Can only find other excuses,He is indeed hungry。
There is not much feeling when you carefully act.,Put out,Stomach is hungry。
Blue Xin laughs:“What do you want to eat??”
“fried chicken。”
Blue and blue,Watching mom looking forward to,He didn’t eat fried chicken for a long time.。
Blue Xin is a little hesitant looking at the son,“Ran Ran,Your diet is light,It’s easy to get angry,Do you want to eat some other?。”
Blue and blue shook his head,I look poor Parba looks at my mother.:“Mother,I am going home, I will eat a little fire.,No gout。”
NS1022chapter:More energetic father
His body is really easy to get angry,Grandma fried chicken leg,He is very uncomfortable for him to eat a throat.,Blue Qiqi’s little girl eats five or six,No fits,And also like to eat spicy。
And he is from a lighter habit of diet,Mainly because of acting。
妍 不 东 西 西 西 西,I will not give him something to eat.,Strict requirements in diet。
But it is different from your mother.,He can spoiler with my mother,Can eat one or two。
“Ran Ran,Fried chicken,You will be uncomfortable at night.。”
She doesn’t want to refuse my son.,But“Mother,Just this time?
is it okay?”
Blue sneer,Duding a small mouth is cute。
Blue Xin laughs,Quite helplessness,He is so cute,I can’t refuse myself.。
Lu Haozheng stands in front of their mother and child,Looking at the son,Can’t help but hook the lips:“Blue,Of course you want to eat,Take him to eat it.。”
Blue Xin is quite helpless to see him,“Will take the child to eat disease。”
“Will not,Drink more water。”
Lu Haocheng looked at the son’s small body,The body should not be so bad.。
Blue Xin is a bit worry,After all, the body of three children,She is very understanding,Of course, eat junk food that is easy to get angry.,Sore throat,He will fever,A fever,Have to send hospitals,The child is crime。
Blue Xin looks at the eyes of his son looking forward to,I can only nodded.。