Greyhead no longer knows when he is、Under what circumstances,He can’t even think about these issues,He barely controlled his ability to return to normal thinking,The first idea is:Report this situation to your chairman。
He knows the seriousness of this matter,Carl·Chairman Hahn once said,The China market is the key to determining whether Wolfsburg Automobile is a second-rate automobile manufacturer or a world-class automobile manufacturer,Although the two sides have not reached an agreement so far,But he knows,Mr. Chairman has regarded China Market as his own prohibition……
But this idea just came up,He vetoed it:“No no no,I can’t do that,I must first find a way to verify the authenticity of this matter……”
After activating all the energy that oneself can activate,Grayhead’s mood gradually developed from worry to anger,Then it was a fluke,Finally despair……
Inquire about the news from all channels,All proved one point:After a long negotiation,The patience of Huaxia people finally completely lost。
If there is no such thing as the damn American,Maybe Huaxia people will have to be patient、Bite the bullet and continue talking with Wolfsburg Motor,But when the damn American came out,Huaxia finally decided to abandon the Wolf Fort……
Accompanied by the phone“Clang”Loudly,Carl·Hahn’s roar also reached Grayhead’s ears:“Mr. Grayhead,You dare to take all responsibility for what you say?”
“I dare!”Face Carl·Hahn’s Coercion,Greyhead said loudly without hesitation:“Mr. Chairman,I am willing to take legal responsibility for everything I say!”
Mr. Chairman means if all this is nonsense by Grayhead,His future in the Wolfsburg Group is completely over,But this time,Where can Greyhead hesitate??
Carl·Hahn sat down on the chair,Straight eyes。
The idea of walking in the rain like when a master fisher catches a big fish,Carl as the chairman·Hahn proposed,In his opinion,China is one1000Pounds of bluefin tuna,Just catch this fish,Developed by myself,Will be rich in this life、Eat and drink。
before this,Everything is going well,Seeing this fish has been walked, I have no energy、The hook will be ready soon,Who could have thought that this fish suddenly jumped out of the water,And slapped myself hard with the tail of the fish,Smoke my own eyes、Almost half body。
The worst is,Just a slap in the face,But this damn fish broke free of the line,Ran!