“child,You come to help every day,Thank you!Auntie sealed you a red envelope,Don’t be too young!”Mother Lu smiled and stuffed a red envelope,Placed in the palm of the child。
The child froze for a while,A warm feeling came to my heart。
No matter the amount in this red envelope,It’s all about respect and love。
And Mother Lu doesn’t know the child’s life experience,His mother died since he was a child,My father served as a soldier in Xinjiang Corps,I just changed jobs recently and returned to the place,Because a sister married Liufang,That’s why I brought him to Liufang。
This child without a mother,It’s like sending someone under the fence,Temporarily staying at my married sister’s house。
Conceivable,He is at brother-in-law’s house,Follow a big family,No need to think about it,Don’t want to go home at all,That’s why I mix in the game hall every day,Vent all energy on the game。
Now he suddenly met a warm mother like Lu’s mother,Not only envy,Still admire。
“thank.Thanks auntie。”Child bowed his head,Holding back the tears,Suddenly I don’t want to leave this place。
text Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two Secretly shot
? Mother Lu didn’t notice the child’s emotions,I just think this kid is shy,I’m afraid he is embarrassed to accept the red envelope,Said with a smile again:“Take it!The game hall made money this month,This is what you deserve。Go buy a new dress to wear!”
It seems that the red envelope given by Mother Lu is not small,The child’s heart is touched again,Nodded vigorously。
At this moment,There was a noisy footstep outside the game hall,Pouring in a group of people。
All half-and-half,The oldest 18 or 9 years old,The younger one is only twelve or thirteen years old。