Fang Li sees it,Comforting Fang Zixuan Tao:“Young master,This proves that Miss Lin is panicking?”
Fang Zixuan raised eyebrows,Asked:“What do you say?”
“Master, think about it,Miss Lin’s father is still negotiating business outside,Even the old lady’s birthday has not come back,That proves that the Lin family has now reached the point of life and death。”
Fang Zixuan nodded,Said:“Keep going。”
“Miss Lin Shut Down,It proves that she needs a quiet environment to think about this problem,She won’t watch the Lin family collapse like this,Except for the road of Master,Is there any other way for Lin’s family to go??”
Fang Zixuan listened to him,Haha laughed。
“that’s right。”
Fang Zixuan’s unpleasant moments disappeared。
After I get Lin Yoona,,I will do well“treat”her。
Fang Zixuan said:“You all go down!”
Everyone including Fang Li retired。
Fang Zixuan humming all the way back to his room,Unexpectedly, open the door,But found that there was a person sitting on the boss chair in the room。