Xia Jian is even more confused now,Sleep in the room by yourself,Why did you alarm the police?,Could it be that I really did something to Li Xiaolu last night?,Then they went to sue him again?
Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t lie down anymore,He hurriedly sat up straight,Eagerly asked:“What happened to me?“
This policeman is Captain Dong,He lay down Xia Jian,Then smiled and said:“Don’t get excited,It’s not what happened to you,It’s that the chairman of your startup group may be kidnapped“
“what?Mr. Xiao was kidnapped?“Xia Jian asked in surprise,This matter to him,Dozens of times more shocked than a bolt from the blue。
Captain Dong told Xia Jian about what he discovered this morning,Then he asked Xia Jian to remember,What happened when he got home last night。
Xia Jian thought for a moment,Calm yourself down for a while,I just drank with Su Yiman,I kept talking from the beginning until Su Yiman sent him back at night,And gave Li Xiaolu honey water,And coming to his room,It’s more detailed,Xia Jian knew,He was hit by a woman like Li Xiaolu。
Captain Dong listened,Keep recording,Wait for Xia Jian to finish,He asked a few more questions,Then smiled and said:“For your safety, Mr. Xiao,The current connection between us,Can only be done secretly,After you leave the hospital,If the other party has news,Contact me immediately“
Xia Jian nodded,Captain Dong got up and left。He went out for a while,Wang Lin and Fang Fang ran in,The two of them looked nervous。
“Keep a steady mind,Now that it has happened,We can only face it calmly,You two know this better than me,Must be kept secret,The insider is limited to the three of us“Xia Jian took a breath,To Wang Lin and Fang Fang。
Wang Lin nodded and said:“I have already asked the doctor,They said that you can leave the hospital after the bottle,I don’t know how you feel now“
“never mind,This woman might have given me medicine“Xia Jian said,Shook his head。
Wang Lin whispered:“Listen to Captain Dong just now,The medicine I gave you is imported,Powerful,Past the last time,People can recover slowly”
First0385 Snake has appeared
“It seems that this Li Xiaolu was premeditated!”Xia Jian couldn’t help saying。
Wang Lin sighed and said:“I’m not sure about people,Killed Mr. Xiao”
“How can you blame this,As the saying goes,Knowing people is hard to know,But this person I have always doubted her,Suspect she is not a babysitter,But I haven’t found any flaws,I didn’t expect she would do it first”Xia Jian glanced at Wang Lin,Speak softly。