And because the two were fighting in the barracks,So some soldiers who did not have a training mission could not help but brag after seeing this scene.。
“I rub,Isn’t that Leng Ling Junhua??Why did you fight with a man。Should we go and help??”
“Just you want to help?Three or five of you are not Leng Ling Junhua’s opponent!”
That companion showed an awkward look when he said so。After all, he also knows what the other party said is the truth。
In fact, many recruits in this barracks do not know the origin of Leng Ling,Because they have never seen Leng Ling train with them。
Although this is for a woman,But there is still a team of female soldiers in this barracks,But Leng Ling didn’t train with them either.
Chapter Two Hundred and Ten Stubborn woman
Seeing more and more onlookers,Qin Feng’s heart sank and he made a decision。Can’t go on like this anymore,Because he is also afraid that there will be other masters in this barracks。
Since I met Chu Xiao Zhang Qiang’s group of people,Qin Feng knew that there were some outsiders in this world。of course,If it’s really a life and death battle,Qin Feng may not be worse than these two。But before that time,Qin Feng didn’t want to expose his true strength。
Qin Feng snarled a change of trick and then directly controlled Leng Ling.。
“I am not wrong, right?That’s grabbing and fighting?”
“It seems to be,The barracks seem to teach this too?”
At this time, all the soldiers watching were at a loss,When does grappling have this effect?In their view,Some grappling combats used in the game can actually subdue the little witch of Leng Ling?
if it is like this,The techniques they have learned over the years are not really awesome?but,Are they all alive to dogs??Why they didn’t have this effect when they used it?