Lu Hao Cheng,“Blue”“Shut up!”
Blue Xin looked at him。
Lu Hao Cheng:“it is good,Blue,I shut up,I do not speak,Do not get angry。”
“Ah, a ah.,fraud,Lu Haozheng,Let me hate and love,What should I do now??
What should I do??
Remember,Forgot to forget,Change can change,Still what to do?”
Blue Xin is full of angry looking at him.,Her splashing look,In Lu Hao’s eyes,Spirit。
“Blue,Then you remember the remember,Forgot to forget,Change can change,if it is possible,Then accept can’t change it.,I know what I think in your heart.,You need time。
But blue,Years lapse,I cherish you and your little bit.,At the time of your time,I feel very precious。”
He still looked at her calmly.,When you are with her,She is like the sun in winter,Can let him experience the warmth and touch。
Blue Xin closed his eyes,I took a deep breath.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,Everyone has a stone,Either it wants it forever,Either knocking it,Let it leave your heart,If you are willing to accept one thing,Even if the front is a deep abyss,Also jump,This is not stupid,But not doing this,Will n’t worry。
Don’t do this,The heart will be tortured at the time.。
If I can’t forgive you,I will leave you from here.”“do not want,Blue。”
Lu Hao Cheng suddenly painful,Nervous clenching her shoulders,Painful and excitedly looked at her,“Blue,You want to do anything for me.,You hit me.,我 我 也,Just can’t leave me,otherwise,I will die。”
He went to this step,I really used a lot of courage.。
Every time he is almost dead.,He can think of,He has not found blue blue,Before you find blue blue,He will not die,He wants to fight with Qin Ning to the end,Until finding blue blue。
Blue Xin closed his eyes,Don’t see his painful handsome,I feel distressed, such as wild grass is generally crazy in my heart.,Anger and distressed,Two power,Shake his fragile belief,Let her make it difficult to choose,Ontario Valley。
Her heart,In fact, after the last time I went to the house.,Just move everything all of him,Those who are moving,I have been in the bottom of my heart.,Gradually entangled her heart,The more it is more tight,Let her fall into the crazy whirlpool。
She is very clear in her heart.,This kind of suspicion and anger,Will make them become incomparably painful,She may only be angry,But the pain that makes Lu Hao Cheng’s hearts will be unhappy.。
Ah, ah, Blue Xin is crazy and screaming.,Why can’t she be able to stand on the other party to think about his situation?,Her own situation is full of inexhaustible,She is hard to break through the ban,Have courage to face your own heart。
But,There is also a mud between the blink of an eye.,Her mirror is like floating。
“what to do,What should I do?
Lu Haocheng, this big liar,What should I do if you want me??”
Blue Xin cried in his arms。
Lu Hao Cheng is tightly holding her,not talking,He doesn’t know what to do.?
Things have evolved into this way。
“I don’t want to forgive you.,But afraid of hurt each other,I want to forgive you,I feel that I am like a fool.,Be played by you。”
Lu Hao Cheng is tightly holding her,road:“Blue,If you hate you feel comfortable,That happens to me.。”