Wanghai University,Exchanges for several days,The students at Beijing Normal University are unhappy,Sometimes academic arguments,Also abide by etiquette,No more tit-for-tat。
The reason for all these phenomena is not because of other,After getting off the car on the first day,Li Yang, the leader of the team, was inexplicably beaten up。
The academic exchange meeting these days,The students at Beijing Normal University are all cautious,Until the communication enters the final stage,This group of students who came to Wanghai regained their former arrogance。
The reason is also very simple,Li Hongyuan, the honorary principal of Beijing Normal University, is here。Not only the students of Beijing Normal University,Even Li Yang, who has been languishing for the past few days, has returned to his previous arrogance.。
Bad first day,Was given a black hand by the person named Xiang Chen,Although someone comforted me with camphor bed that night,But the breath in my heart,There is still no gap that can be reasonably vented,Until Li Hongyuan’s truth,This scholar as famous as Han Zhili。
North Lebanon South Korea,It means that in the north,Li Hongyuan has the same status as Han Zhili。
“Hum!Look at you,Your disciples,All of them are full of energy, like taking some medicine,If I didn’t look at the solar terms,I thought it was spring again!”
Strolling on the campus of Wanghai University,Han Zhili introduces a scene to Li Hongyuan every time,I have to turn around and curse a few people,Li Hongyuan seems to be prepared for this,There is no meaning to be offended,Instead, he said with a wry smile, begging for mercy:“My brother han,It’s been so many years,You can’t forgive me?Since the kid,Do you think I am embarrassed to lead the team to you??”
“Ah!It has been useless for many years,I am different from you,You have many disciples,It doesn’t matter if one or two die,I have only a few disciples,I feel sorry for one missing!this matter,Even if you bring it to the coffin,When I think about it, I will scold you!”
Han Zhili said angrily,Li Hongyuan beside him can only smile with a bitter face。

Chapter Four Hundred and Fortieth Nosy
Seeing Han Zhili grunting,Rao is full of grievances,Li Hongyuan can only laugh in front of Han Zhili,Who made his most fancy female disciple,Is his disciple!