Chen Wenjin tried to think:“about,I think I am a very reliable friend。”
Xiao Xiao couldn’t help laughing,She is beautiful and exquisite,When laughing,Brows and eyes under the rendering of a smile,It’s even more beautiful, as if it can suck all the souls in。
Did Chen Wenjin guess wrong?,Xiao Xiao didn’t say anything。
because,The bathroom is here,They turn left and right。
When Xiao Xiao came out,A little surprised,Smiled immediately,Go back to the table alone。
Technology brother talks about stocks,That can be eloquent。
After Xiao Xiao came back,Take a look at Chen Wenjin,Found that his attention was on the technical one,Wait a while,Found his attention in the teacup again,So I opened a napkin,Took a lipstick from the bag,Written words on it,Pass it in front of Wang Shuai。
Wang Shuai stopped,Said with a smile:“Why did you write a private message to me??”
Xiao Xiao opened his mouth,But did not speak,A very helpless expression。
Wang Shuai opened his eyes,Put it together again,Said with a smile:“understood。”
Xiaobai couldn’t help but smile:“Almost open。”
Xiaohong looked at these two young men and women,Feel something weird,But what exactly is it?
Wang Shuai had already settled the bill when he went to the bathroom for an excuse,Xiaobai said it’s almost time,The group just withdrew。
Wang Shuai was behind when he left the table,Whispered to Chen Wenjin:“Are you out,Or she wants you to end?The words on the paper are for you,But i won’t tell you what you wrote,I won’t give you paper,If you want to know,Just ask Xiao Xiao。”
Wang Shuai smiles brightly,But deliberately aroused people’s curiosity,Extraordinary。
Chen Wenjin smiled and said:“I’m curious,But i don’t have to know。”