Since the knife is out,If you hold the Tao, you won’t stop,Long blade face reversal,Kill Xia Chenglong directly。
Sword and knife collide at this moment,Are good weapons,Therefore, their confrontation can only be described by lightning and flint。
Sparks splashing,The sound of iron and iron collisions has become the most thrilling sound in the ice hall at the moment。
Tu Cancan can’t see anything,Just after she walked away,Xia Chenglong and Tu Bingxuan did not move their bodies,So that there are faint ice crystals on their hair。
Although it didn’t move,But she knows their battle has already begun,This kind of wandering contest is also not something you can imagine in an extraordinary realm.。
“Tu Style Break Yuan Slash!”
“Proud Knife Skill!”
“Bahuang Ice Soul Slash!”
Both sides were bounced apart in a compact collision,Tu Bingxuan, who has not stopped walking, has already begun his next round of crazy attacks。
These powerful martial arts that are hard to see on the market can be displayed instantly,have to say,This guy really has a few brushes。