Wang Li nodded,Said:“Not bad,Everyone in our security department is good at taking it out,So we have never been a place to raise people for free meals。”
Other people can naturally hear the meaning of Wang Li’s words,So the group laughed。
Wang Li saw this time,Xiao Fan still looks not red and heartbeat,Xindao has a thick skin,Said that to him,I still don’t feel anything。
So Wang Li had to say:“Your name is Xiao Fan?”
Xiao Fan nodded。
“I believe you have heard what I said just now,The security department does not raise idlers,How about this,Don’t tell me I bully you,Whoever wants to enter the security department,You have to try it with me,Only qualified,Can be regarded as officially entering the security department,I can’t come in because of you,Treat you very preferentially,is not it?”Wang Li is talking nonsense。
Xiao Fan said:“can!”
Other people are surprised,This kid dares to fight,He doesn’t know how strong Wang Li’s strength is or is it just like the rumors outside,Just a neurosis,That’s why I’m not afraid of it。
Moreover,Wherever there are any rules that enter the security department, you must compete with Wang Li,It’s all made up by Wang Li。
There is naturally only one purpose——Catch Xiao Fan away。
Seeing that Xiao Fan didn’t even think about it, Wang Li agreed,There was also ecstasy in my heart。
“Since it’s a contest,There must be a bet,If you lose,You leave the Lin Group。”Wang Li said。
“no problem。”Xiao Fan said。