Energy war “epidemic”: “two barrels of oil” opened full-power masks
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Our reporter / Li Zhe (Jin Qilin analyst) / Beijing reports “I have a meltblown cloth, who has a mask machine?In the afternoon of February 6, the news released by Sinopec’s official Weibo account received more than 8 million clicks to read on the day.  ”The phone was quickly exploded and the partner found it within 3 hours.”” Sinopec personnel wrote to the reporter of China Business Daily.As of noon on February 7, Sinopec has completed 11 mask production lines with partners.According to preliminary estimates, by February 29, Sinopec will achieve a supplementary production capacity of 600,000 units / day, and by March 10, achieve a supplementary production capacity of more than 1 million units / day.  Covered by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Sinopec is not alone.A large number of energy companies are firmly behind the “epidemic” of war to ensure the supply of medical supplies.When face masks and disinfectant liquids are scarce, CNPC is working at full capacity to produce the non-woven fabrics needed for face masks. Sinochem Group works overtime to produce disinfectant liquids. Intercontinental Oil and Gas is searching the world to purchase masks to support epidemic areas.  Whatever is needed is affected by the epidemic. Masks have become necessities for the people.  According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China is the world’s largest mask manufacturer and exporter, with an annual output of about 50% of the world.At present, the maximum production capacity of masks is more than 20 million per day, but even so, masks are still seeking funding in some areas.  N95, KN95 and other masks with filter protection grade, its core raw materials are medical polypropylene and polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabrics.The reporter learned that since February, Sinopec has put polypropylene and other medical raw materials on the market.In May, it is estimated that about 8 raw materials will be provided to major medical and health material customers within 2 months.  ”During the epidemic, all petrochemical-related raw materials produced by Sinopec will not go up in price; oil products at 30,000 gas stations will not go up except for the implementation of major national price adjustment regulations; all non-oil products operated by Easyjet Convenience StoresNo price increase.”Sinopec News reported Lu Dapeng’s article.  When Sinopec was worried about finding a mask machine, Liu Yanli, deputy general manager of PetroChina Lanzhou Sanye Industry Company (hereinafter referred to as “Sanye Industry”) was also anxious about the raw materials for the production of masks.  After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Sanye Industry urgently launched two medical masks and a N95 mask production line to support the needs of the epidemic.In order to guarantee the construction period, while Sanye Industry urgently ordered the mask machine, it also issued a request for assistance in purchasing mask non-woven fabrics to China Petroleum Northwest Chemical Sales Company (hereinafter referred to as “Northwest Sales Company”).  ”After receiving the instructions, we immediately launched downstream customers to contact the mask spunbond and meltblown fabric manufacturers.After repeated coordination and discussion, two procurement plans were finally determined: one was to purchase non-woven finished products directly from Chengdu Bohao New Material Company and provide them to Sanye Industry; the other was from Daun Co., Ltd. (002838).SZ) Shandong and Shanghai factories purchase mask melt polypropylene special materials, and then provide them to the only meltblown cloth manufacturer in Northwest China Shaanxi Keda Zhite Company. After the production of meltblown cloth for medical mask “M” barrier layer, finallySupply Sanye Industry.”Relevant person in charge of Northwest Sales Company.Finally, after repeated repetitions, on February 13, Sanye Industry received the first batch of 9 from Chengdu Bohao New Material Company.Sales contract for 5 tons of medical mask spunbond and meltblown cloth.”That’s all right, our mask production materials are finally here!”Liu Yanli excitedly.”The raw materials that Liu Yanli accepted may have started from PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Company.It is understood that since the outbreak, PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Company is running full-load production of high-end medical non-woven raw material H39S-3 polypropylene products.From January 1st to January 21st, Dalian Petrochemical Company produced a total of H39S-3 products1.17 digits, an increase of nearly 18% each year.  ”We produce what the epidemic needs.”” Relevant person in charge of PetroChina, “as of February 18, PetroChina has produced a total of 9 medical materials this year, leaving nearly 8 units, which is 105% over the original plan.”” New Year in the workshop “On the first day of the new year on January 25, the Chlor-Alkali Workshop of Ruixiang Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinochem Group, was immediately recalled to employees who were on New Year’s vacation to set up a” pioneer against epidemic “.  ”Happy New Year in the workshop, although tired but proud.Rui Rui employees Bob Chenchen.Consecutive days of production materials made Bao Shouchen slightly tired, but his enthusiasm for production is still high.  ”After receiving the instructions, the chlor-alkali workshop quickly set up a production hypothesis group and a technical research group of sodium hypochlorite (the main active ingredient of the 84 disinfectant solution) with professional and technical personnel, section heads and production backbones involved, and fully transferred to the prevention and control of epidemic protection to ensure production.”Relevant person in charge of Yangnong Group.”According to convention, the Chlor-Alkali workshop is ready for overhaul of production lines before the Spring Festival.But in the face of sudden outbreaks, the safe production of sodium hypochlorite products has become even more important.The relevant person in charge of the above-mentioned Yangnong Group said, “The company organized technical backbones for demonstration, and finally decided a plan, and gradually prepared the workshop overhaul plan.”Since January 25, more than 50 employees of Ruixiang Company have held their positions in shifts and worked hard for the production of urgently needed supplies of sodium hypochlorite.  ”I rushed 深圳桑拿网 back early in the early morning of the first day of the new year on January 26, and then joined the production security team.”Wu Pei, the head of the ionization section of Ruixiang Company, recalled that the relative concentration of sodium hypochlorite product required for the disinfectant solution, so the process parameters must be adjusted.  Because the concentration of sodium hypochlorite is about 10%, it is lower than the concentration of sodium hypochlorite wading in the factory.”In order to maximize the capability of anti-epidemic disinfection assets, the technical research team made precise adjustments to the input of raw materials, the ratio, the concentration of the output and the quality, and increased the production capacity by 20% while ensuring the reduction of quality.”” Relevant person in charge of Yangnong 夜来香体验网 Group.”In the end, with the joint efforts of the production support team and the technical research team, Ruixiang’s ionization section realized full-time production for 24 hours, and it could supply 175 tons of sodium hypochlorite products daily.  Usually, the packaging department of the warehouse department, which is responsible for the supply of sodium hypochlorite, is also very busy.Due to the sudden increase in the demand for disinfectant solution, the packaging section temporarily added three filling faucets.”At its busiest day, more than 800 barrels and more than 20 tons of sodium hypochlorite were supplied in a single day.”A frontline employee dissertation.  ”Global Purchase” Support First Line On February 14, Beijing was snowing in the sky. Outside the logistics warehouse at the Capital Airport, loading and unloading workers were orderly unloading the goods that had just been cleared. The forklift was filled with boxes of N95 masks.  ”The masks were delivered from Kazakhstan.”There are more than 50,000 unloaded now.A chapter of a staff member directing loading and unloading at the scene.  Chen Huanlong, deputy chairman and president of Intercontinental Oil and Gas Company, told reporters, “On February 8th, we made an emergency decision to use the company’s overseas resources and contacts to find supplies for epidemic prevention.We then contacted Kazakhstan staff.”Chen Huanlong said,” Intercontinental oil and gas employees abroad have their motherland in mind. They have made full use of their advantages in the global rush to buy medical protective equipment, actively sought to purchase masks and other medical protective materials to be shipped to China, and donated to the frontline of epidemic prevention.”Intercontinental Oil & Gas is located in Maten, Kazakhstan. Keshan Company quickly called for instructions and used local resources to purchase masks.”” That night, Kazakhstan’s colleagues heard the news that a group of mask resources were found locally.We immediately decided to buy a mask and buy as much as we could.”Chen Huanlong article.  However, when Intercontinental Oil and Gas staff arrived at the scene, there were only over 50,000 masks left.”Purchases are settled in person using cash.Moreover, the price of masks has risen sharply at this time, almost at a temporary price.Chen Huanlong said that Intercontinental Oil & Gas decided to take back more than 50,000 masks and ship them back to China, and the remaining personnel continued to search for mask resources worldwide.  On the evening of February 10th, the staff of Intercontinental Oil and Gas braved the cold wind of the winter crest in Kazakhstan and urgently transported supplies.After one night of hard work, one hundred and one hundred boxes of N95 protective masks were finally safely transported to the airport cargo office.  Under the current epidemic situation, customs clearance and freight are another bigger challenge.”At that time, China-Kazakhstan air navigation was basically closed, and land-air passenger transport was suspended and the recovery time was uncertain.”Intercontinental Oil and Gas Staff Chapter.  ”Intercontinental oil and gas recycling has tried every means to find a source of goods, and took the initiative to work with the Kazakhstan Chinese Chamber of Commerce to seek diplomatic assistance from the embassy for customs clearance and air transport.”The embassy has been very active in communicating with the Kazakh side and received good news soon.”Intercontinental Oil and Gas Staff Chapter.  On February 13, the supplies successfully arrived at Beijing Capital Airport, and customs clearance was successfully completed.”Looking at the smooth arrival of these masks in China, the stones in my heart also fell.”We can choose to donate directly, but we think the scarcest thing is medical supplies such as masks.In addition, the in-depth development of Chinese companies overseas is also sufficient to find resources globally.This batch of materials can transform the most direct effect after arriving in China.”Chen Huanlong looked at the boxes of masks in front of me.  Two hours later, 20,000 masks were shipped to Hainan.The remaining 30,000 were shipped to Wuhan and donated to Jinyintan Hospital and Union Hospital.  Chen Huanlong said: “This is only the first material we donated. At present, the company has coordinated the European region to find other equipment and materials that meet medical standards.”