4 trillion

The foreign insurance companies, which are still intensively overweight A shares, received premiums last year2.

4 trillion

Since the beginning of the new year, the foreign insurance companies that are still intensively overweight A shares have finally collected insurance premiums2.

Source: 4 trillion: Securities Daily reporter Xiangxiang Su On January 18, CPIC disclosed its annual premium data for 2019.

At this point, the premium data of the five major A-share listed insurers last year were all released.

According to the “Securities Daily” reporter, in 2019, China Life, Ping An, China Pacific Insurance, PICC, and Xinhua Insurance achieved a total of premiums (the premiums in the text refer to the “original insurance premiums”, the same below) income 23992.

9.7 billion, an annual increase of 9.


  It is worth noting that in 2019, the five major listed insurers of A shares are expected to increase by an average of 42.

8% (average calculation, no resumption of power), clearly outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index gains (22.

3%) and all A shares rose by an average of 32.


Among them, China Life last year’s overall growth rate reached 71%, leading the A-shares of the five largest listed insurance companies; Ping An of China last year expected an increase of 52%, ranking second.

  PICC P & C’s premium scale is far ahead. From the perspective of the growth rate of listed insurance companies’ premiums, the total premiums of the five largest A-share listed insurance companies in 2019 are 2.

4 trillion, an 杭州桑拿网 increase of 9 in ten years.

35%, compared to 10 in 2018.

A slight decrease of 81% growth rate per second.

Although the total premium growth rate appears in 2019.
However, the growth rates of China Life Insurance, PICC, and Xinhua Insurance exceeded the growth rates of 2018.

  In 2019, among the three insurers listed in the group form, Ping An of China gradually achieved premium income of USD 794.6 billion, ranking first in the scale of premiums and increasing by 10.

5%; Chinese insurance premium income was 552.2 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 11.

2%; China Pacific Insurance premium income is 346 billion, an annual increase of 8.


Among the other two companies listed on the life insurance business, China Life achieved a premium of US $ 568.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6%; Xinhua Insurance premium income of US $ 138.1 billion, an increase of 12.


  Among the two core businesses of the five major A-share listed insurance companies, life insurance business accounted for the largest proportion, while property insurance business accounted for the relative proportion.

  In terms of life insurance business, in 2019, China’s life insurance premium income was 568.4 billion yuan, and the position of the “boss” of life insurance remained unchanged.

Ping An Life’s premium income was 4,939.

1.3 billion, followed closely.

CPIC Life achieved a premium income of 2123.

6.4 billion, ranking third.

Xinhua Insurance and PICC Life Insurance premium income were 1381.

3.1 billion, 981.

3.5 billion, ranked fourth and fifth.

  In terms of growth rate of life insurance premiums, China Life Insurance, Ping An Life Insurance, CPIC Life Insurance, Xinhua Insurance, and PICC Life Insurance each increased their premium income by 6 in 2019.

01%, 10.

52%, 5.

47%, 12.
96%, 4.

Among them, Ping An Life Insurance and Xinhua Insurance grew relatively fast.

  In terms of property insurance business, PICC P & C, Ping An P & C, and CPIC P & C Insurance achieved premium income of 431.6 billion, 270.9 billion, and 133.6 billion, respectively, with growth rates of 11 respectively.

25%, 9.

49%, 12.

65%. By comparison, PICC P & C premiums are far ahead, and CPIC P & C insurance premiums are leading the way.

  In addition to life and property insurance, the growth rate of health insurance business of listed insurers last year was quite bright.

In 2019, PICC Health realized the original premium income of 224.

2 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of 51.

51%; Ping An Health realized original premium income of 61.

4.7 billion, a year-on-year growth rate of 66%.

  China Life ‘s overall rise last year led the way in the steady growth of fundamentals, while A-share listed insurers have also performed well last year.

The data shows that the five major listed insurers of A shares expect an average increase of 42.

8%, significantly outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index.

  Specifically, in the middle of 2019, China Insurance, Ping An, PICC, China Pacific Insurance, Xinhua Insurance and other five insurance companies included 71 increase.

0%, 52.

3%, 41.

1%, 33.

1%, 16.

4%, China Life Insurance led the increase.

  It is worth mentioning that recently, some listed insurance companies participated in the 2020 working conference and announced their business strategies for this year.

Among them, on January 16, China Life held a 2020 working conference in Beijing. Wang Bin, chairman of China Life Group, clearly mentioned that the overall requirements for work in 2020 are “striving for progress in stability, value first, collaborative development, and strengthening governance.”

It is necessary to ensure a stable business, stable investment, stable efficiency, and stable operation, and at the same time, aggressively outperform the market and strive for advanced positions.

  On December 4, last year, at the Xinhua Insurance Open Day event, Li Quan, Secretary of the Xinhua Insurance Party Committee, CEO and President, further improved the development goals of Xinhua Insurance’s “second takeoff” and proposed that 2020 is a new stage of its development.In the beginning, specifically, it was “the first echelon of stable scale, assets exceeding one trillion platforms, simultaneous increase in scale value, and synergistic performance of the industry.”

In order to ensure the expected development effect, Xinhua Insurance proposed a development model of “two-wheel drive of assets and liabilities and comprehensive development of scale and value”, that is, asset-liability swap integration, two-way access, asset-driven resistance, asset-backed liability business development, and liability businessIt can go beyond the challenge of bringing more and better investment opportunities to the asset business and supporting the long-term sustainable development of the asset business.

  What is the trend of insurance stocks in 2020?

In the opinion of brokerage experts and market participants, through the disclosure of the 2019 annual report, this year’s insurance stocks may have a short-term rise.

In the long run, insurance stocks are currently estimated to be long-term and have long-term allocation value.

  Among them, Wanlian Securities analyst paid Wenchao analysis, saying that due to the net niche data of listed insurance companies in the fourth quarter of 2018, it is expected that the growth rate of 2019 will be inconsistent.

At the same time, benefiting from the implementation of the new tax reduction policy and significant improvements in investment, listed insurers will gradually maintain rapid growth in profits in 2019.

  Huajin Securities analyst Cui Xiaoyan also said that the pain point of the industry transformation is still to improve the quality and efficiency of agents. We are optimistic about the value growth of (listed insurance companies) and return to the long-term protection and economic development path. We recommend CPIC, Ping An, Xin, Hua HeNational Life.
  It is noteworthy that, based on the steady growth in the fundamentals of the five major listed insurers of A-shares, the gradual net profit in 2019 is still committed to maintaining the trend growth trend of the first three quarters, and by 2020, there will be more and more A-share insurance shares.

  Data from the secondary market show that since the beginning of this year, foreign investment has intensified positions in 5 insurance stocks.

According to statistics from the Securities Daily, from January 2020 to January 19, China Ping An has been net-purchased by foreign countries for a total of 21.

4 megabytes, ranking first in the top ten active trading stocks of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong Stock Connect.

Although there is no specific amount of other A-share insurance stocks being net-purchased by foreign countries, according to the Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Central Shareholding Settlement Record, China Pacific Insurance, China Life, Tianmao Group, Xinhua Insurance and other 4 stocks have also presented this year.Net foreign holdings.