Thin waist sports Raiders defeat the bucket waist

The waist is the easiest to get fatter than other parts.

For more damage to the waist, try the following thin waist exercise, repel the three common types of thick waist, help you to effectively eliminate fat.

  Lack of curve bucket waist feature: excess excess meat, although thin, but less curved.

  I love to eat starch, but I don’t like sports. The soft and soft coaxial waist and the mahbe are born.

If you put on straight pants, T-shirts, the whole person is no different from the bucket.

The lack of a curve of the body, how to see it makes people feel a lack of femininity.

  Strengthening the shaping and shaping, the movement of the slim waist curve bucket waist mm is particularly prominent in the shaping part, and the muscles of the waist and abdomen are tightened, and naturally the small waist curve can be presented.

  Point: Each action takes 4 groups of 8 beats, stays at the fixed point for 5 seconds, repeats 10 times.

  Wood board parallel type 1.

Kneeling on the ground, the upper body is lifted, the upper arm is on the ground, the heel is hooked up on the ground, and the preparatory action is done.

  Wrong action: The heel is not enough to end, the strength cannot extend.


The stomach is strong, the whole body is raised upwards, the heel continues to extend in the opposite direction of the floor, and the line from the back to the waist is parallel to the ground. The wrong movement: the waist is not horizontal and the force is wrong.

  V word victory type 1.

Sitting in the front 1/3 of the edge of the chair, the thigh is parallel to the ground, and the calf is about 90 degrees from the ground.


Use the power of the stomach to lift the knees of the knees up, and gently hold the hand under the alignment. The body is tight and you can feel the muscles around the navel contracting.

  Left fat right fat flat waist feature: the excess meat in the waist is especially loved to accumulate in the body. This type of obesity is mostly tonsil. Even if the size of the waist is exactly the same as others, it looks like it is thicker than others, wearing low waist pants.The side waist will squeeze out the flesh.

  Do more writhing exercise, naturally give birth to the waist and waist and fat mm. The focus of the exercise should be on the waist and waist muscles. Every time you twist the waist, it is also a good subsidy for the waist movement.

  Point: Each action takes 4 groups of 8 beats, stays at the fixed point for 5 seconds, repeats 10 times.

  Four-legged vertical type 1.

Kneeling on the floor, hands straight, placed directly below the front, four feet standing.


The right foot, the left hand is straight at the same time, the toes, the fingers continue to extend.


The straightened right foot is horizontally extended, and the left hand is horizontally extended at the same time, and the closer the level is, the more effective the effect is.

After staying for 5 seconds, exchange around and repeat the action.

  Wrong action: Stand up and up, don’t shrug when your hands are straight.

  Both feet are in the sky.

Lying flat on the ground, raise your feet until the thighs are perpendicular to the ground.

Align the bend and place your hands on the back of the head.


The hands are lightly held in the hindbrain. The beginner uses the power of the abdomen to lift the head off the ground. The advanced shoulders are off the ground, and the upper shoulders are off the ground.


Turn the upper body to the right, the distance between the chin and the chest should not be less than the width of a fist. The lower body stays still. After staying for 5 seconds, it will return to action 1, and then change the side.

  The fleshy waist is fat before and after: the excess meat of the front and back waists are connected in a circle, and the tail meat is also quite a lot.

  Starting from the lower abdomen, then becoming a double waist fat, and finally the back waist is also fat, the whole person is fat into a circle.

Usually there is extra meat in front, and it looks like an oversized meatball from the back.  20 minutes a day, the effort will be thin!

  Exercise is the most effective method of thin waist, especially for the round waist of the fat before and after, the waist movement can help you the excess meat above.

  Point: Each action takes 4 groups of 8 beats, stays at the fixed point for 5 seconds, repeats 10 times.

  Limb balance type 1.

Lying on the ground, legs are raised until the thigh is perpendicular to the ground, bent and bent, the waist should be close to the floor, and the hands should be straightened to the alignment.


Beginner: The left leg moves slowly downwards, while the right hand straightens up, stays fixed for 5 seconds, then resumes and exchanges left and right.


Advanced: The legs continue to move down. The closer to the ground, the stronger the strength of the core muscles is to maintain the balance of movement.

  Pull back type 1.

Kneeling on the ground, hands straight on the body, doing preparatory movements.


Lifting the waist, the upper body tries to improve backwards, it feels like someone is pulling your hands all the way back.

  Wrong action: There is a distance between the waist and the ground!

The waist should be flat on the ground to be the correct action.