The autumn and winter radish is born, the doctor is fine.

What are the benefits of eating radishes in the fall?


White radish can treat digestive tract diseases, food bloating, indigestion, poor appetite, can accumulate oyster juice accumulation; nausea and vomiting, vomiting sour water, chronic ulcer disease, can be chopped and fried, chewed; constipation, can be cookedFood; mouth ulcers, you can lick your mouth.


The effect of white radish on the respiratory system is coughing and coughing. It is best to chop the honey and fry it; pharyngitis, tonsillitis, hoarseness, loss of sound, can be mixed with ginger juice; nosebleed, can produce oyster sauce andAlcoholic hot clothes can also be dripping nose; hemoptysis, cooked with mutton and squid; prevent colds and cook.


The effect of white radish on the urinary system is a variety of urinary calculi, poor urination, can be used to slice candied dates orally; all kinds of edema, can be taken with radish and floating wheat decoction.


Other effects of white radish beauty, can be cooked; beriberi, decoction outside washing; detoxification, hangover or gas poisoning, available, or leaf decoction drink; Tongli joints, can be used.

Is it good for pregnant women to eat radishes in autumn?

Analysis of the nutrients from white radish can be used to grind white radish for the general population, including pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the temperature inside the pregnant woman is heavy, and eating radish helps the pregnant woman to clear the heat.

In addition, the mustard oil contained in white radish has the effect of promoting gastrointestinal motility. Pregnant women eat radish during pregnancy to promote gastrointestinal digestion and prevent constipation during pregnancy. Rich in vitamin C and trace element zinc, help pregnant women enhance the body’s immune function.Improve disease resistance.

Although most radishes are suitable for eating, some pregnant women should eat in moderation because the white radish is cool.

Threatened abortion, uterine prolapse, physical weakness should not eat more.

White radish has the effect of clearing heat and fluid, cooling blood to stop bleeding, digesting stagnation, appetizing and spleen, and shunning and phlegm.

But white radish is cool, maternal postpartum physical weakness should not eat more, so maternal eating white radish will affect the milk, especially women who do not have a full moon try not to eat white radish.