That’s how people are,Before the catastrophe is imminent,Never know,Waiting in a hurry,When crying and grabbing the ground,It’s often too late。
Anyone who hears that the free world will be over in ten days,Can’t bear such a blow,It’s like being declared that there are still ten days to live, so terrible,Once the news leaks out,The free world will be messed up immediately,Even if the blood of the killing flows into a river, it will not help.。
Li Tan hurriedly left,He has a lot to deal with,Just boasted about Haikou,No problem leaving tomorrow morning,Now it seems time is dying。
Young people don’t want to stay,He noticed the breath of Golden Crow,I want to come out,So I went directly to Cuiweifeng。
Jin Wu’s complexion has improved a lot,The broken arm doesn’t seem to be okay,But the mental state has been restored,Just three days,Don’t say restore the cultivation base,It’s not enough to heal the injury。
But big events must not be delayed,As soon as we meet Golden Crow,“Li Tan was here?”
The strong are often very sensitive,The young man nodded without hiding,I briefly talked about the meeting with Li Tan just now,Naturally, it does not hide the time limit of the free world。
There is a natural sense of trust between the teenager and the golden crow,Leaving Golden Crow is to entrust him to take care of Wuxing Island,As for things other than Five Elements Island, Li Tan is naturally worried。
“Only ten days?!”Jin Wu was still surprised by the exaggerated deadline,“So many people in the free world,How to transfer one by one?”
“How much can be transferred。”The boy sighed and there is no better way,The situation on the mainland remains unknown,And the space channel is actually terrible,He only experienced it once,At that time, there was Huo Tianzun with it, and I felt terrified,It’s hard to pass if the cultivation base is worse,This is the biggest problem。
“Li Tan is not honest。”
“how do I say this?”Juvenile accident。
“The Holy Emperor has a treasure ship,Can travel through the void,Can also pass through space channels,This ship can carry thousands of people at once,It just consumes a lot of spirit stones,The legend gave to the sixth,Later disappeared,Since Li Tan cleaned up the royal family,He should have discovered something。”
Golden Crow Old Six?Teenage wry smile,This guy has been taken away by the ancient god,How to search at this time?If the treasure ship is left to the closest person,He is naturally his own son,King Sixteen has God Joan,It’s a pity that this son was also calculated。
“Blame me for this。”Jin Wu slapped his forehead,“I thought there was still two months,I never thought about the treasure ship。I will go back to Lieyang Palace again after I recover from the injury,Settle some things,By the way, ask the sixth,But it’s too late。”