Maybe because of work,Even when Lan Youmeng looked at the arena,All attentive。
Three games in a row,The teenager who was raised by Zhixingchuan all won,It’s just scarred,Makes people feel a little unbearable。
“Do you see anything?”
Augustus asked Lan Youmeng。
Actually Augustus’s problem,Professional cleaners can tell,But the Duke of Kesley looked confused,Augustus also asked Lan Youmeng’s questions,Explain to Duke Keisley。
And Lan Youmeng also probably guessed the intention of his head,Softly explained:“Look at the state of that little boy,It should be without any professional training,Different from the few people who ended up before,All his fights are based on his own instinct,These three fights are similar to a person relying on his instinct to defeat his opponent。It’s like a beast,Born to have a sense of fighting。”
Lan Youmeng doesn’t speak fast,The Duke of Kesley also understood。
Can’t help but look towards Zhixingchuanyi,If I remember correctly,,The young man in the center of the arena should be his slave,Make up my mind,I have to keep a pet like this in the future。
The teenager standing in the center of the arena with firm eyes waiting for his next opponent,Some of the wounds on my body are still bleeding slowly,But the boy didn’t seem to feel the pain in his body,The pace never looked back。
Xiang Chen in the stands is lying on the railing,The boy staring at the center of the arena,Xiang Chen now has no urge to speak。
It might really be because of Xiang Chen,Take him as the center,It’s quiet all around,Maybe Pele’s three-game winning streak is a good record,The people around were surprised at the performance of the young man with the collar。
Lan Youmeng quietly looked at Xiang Chen,I don’t know if the boy in the center of the arena brought back the unpleasant experiences and memories of Xiang Chen’s childhood,But Lan Youmeng searched her own memory,I didn’t find the last picture where Xiang Chen looks like now。
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Seven Arena2
Xiang Chen stared at the young man in the center of the arena,I thought of when I was young,There are already a lot of pictures he can’t remember,But at this moment I saw the boy with the collar,But Xiang Chen always feels like dreaming back at midnight。
Lying on the fence of the arena,Xiang Chen didn’t know that when he was a teenager,Have you experienced a similar scene,I can’t remember it anyway。
Sighed long,Xiang Chen took out a cigarette from his arms,Slowly lit,Regardless of whether there are no smoking signs around,I’m thinking of myself。