When he was not famous,Almost all family income is borne by the wife,then,He can only do his best to handle the family chores。mop、do the washing up、Wash clothes、Bring children,Is his daily work。
In daily life,This is a meticulous person,Even the growth process of his son can be seen in his diary,Not only record the height, weight and health status,How many spoons to feed、Tooth length a few centimeters,Even the body temperature when sick has a fever curve。
What is admirable is,The painter Paul as a man·Klee,Even though it’s with firewood, rice, oil, salt sauce, vinegar and tea every day,But the trivialities of daily life did not kill his drawing inspiration,It can actually make beautiful fantasy works like fairy tales。
“Xiao Hu,How about this!If you trust me,Hand over the work to my team for operation。No matter how much money you make,I only recover the cost of two million。”Xin Zhao said。
Hear the evaluation and suggestions of your team,Xin Zhao doesn’t really want to take over this painting,But he wants to maintain a good relationship with Hu Yang,So there was this idea。
Populus did not hesitate,nod:“Then trouble Brother Zhao。”
Two million seems a lot,But there are many things to do,For example, you must first inquire,There is a collector in the world who likes this kind of painting,What price can be opened,I have to spend some money to hype,Two million is actually not enough。
Such as that one1913American Statue of Liberty Nickel,Xin Zhao intends to spend 5 million to operate。
He understands and understands Xin Zhao,After all, in the eyes of many people, Paul·Klee’s works fluctuate in price,Boutique can sell for big prices,The general possibility is the price of ordinary oil paintings。
If you start with a big price,Finally hit the hand,Too risky。
It can also be seen from this,Although Xin Zhao is a local tyrant,Rich man,Also generous and generous。But he also has his own principles and persistence,Think the possibility of making money is small,He will be very cautious。
This kind of people,Populus still likes it。
“this is nothing,after,Let’s get close,Don’t be too far off。”Xin Zhao couldn’t help but say。
He really wants to maintain a good cooperative relationship with Hu Yang,In his eyes,Is Hu Yang not an important customer?Like this time,Brought him a lot“good stuff”。