My day……I have a new year.!
This opinion gets me to be the master!
I am a small orientation.。
Zhou Ye turned into Li Qifeng’s direction,He is hiding behind him and playing with mobile phone。
“Feng brother,That consultation is to renal medicine treatment,What do you think。”Zhou Ye。
Li Qifeng finally stopped to play mobile phones。
he just“Oh”A sentence,Then I consent it.。
Bai Hong did not say a lot,Write a sentence on the meeting“Turn my department”,Then leave the stay in the room.。
Li Qifeng has been avoiding in the beginning of a day.,Know that Bai Hong is far away,He looked up at the direction of him.。
Sure enough, you are not right.!
Zhou Ye usually realized that there seems to be misunderstandings between the two people.,Atmosphere seems to be a bit nervous!
Li Qifeng went to the emergency nurse computer preparation office to transfer。
This location is a distance clinic、Retention rooms and rescue rooms are nearest,It can be said that it is a great strategic location。
“Q,Do you know Bai Hongshi??”Zhou Ye be started。
Li Qifeng knocked down the keyboard of the keyboard,The light in the eyes is also too dark.:“know,Take the emergency department。”
That’s true,Xu Dehe and Weekrance also came to emergency regulations,That’s unhappy, Baihong nature is also coming to emergency.,And it looks like he is like Li Qifeng.,It seems that it is not happy.。
Zhou Ye’s impression of Baihong has always thought that she is a professional and polite person.,Never see the superior doctor as today, I don’t want to ignore it.,Instead, directly and your own yourself。
“Are you married?Q。”I don’t know if I have a wind.。
He asked,Eyes have grown,It’s so afraid that Li Qifeng torn itself.。
Is he discovered a secret!
Li Qifeng printed out what to transfer,Then it is silent.。
“You go back.,It is estimated that there is no matter how much at night.。”Li Qifeng is a bit calm。
Sure enough, even if Li Qifeng seems to look like a big jealous emergency in the face, it seems to have some own heart.。
Zhou Ye realizes that he seems to do something wrong.,I am busy apologuary:“Excuse me,Q,I……”
Li Qifeng,Hanging a smile on your face:“fine,I know what you are curious.。”
I can’t get it in Zhou Ye.,It seems that what is not right。
At this time, Li Qifeng looked around no one.,Open mouth:“Your peak, I am not married.,be honest,I have chased Baihong before.……”
My day!Is this exciting??
“Old cattle eats herring?”Zhou Ye didn’t know where the courage actually dared to spit.。
And Li Qifeng lifted the truth to Zhou Yewu,“Your uncle,I am thirty.,Have you seen a thirty-year-old old cow??”
Thirty years old,High-year investigation?
How did this Nima read?,Does it are not the rule to test??
Zhou Ye suddenly did not understand。