unfortunately,‘Mane rat’This speculation of’s disappeared before it could be confirmed,‘Pigeon’His location was finally located near this village。
There were also many strange events and rumors before the ancient temple fell,‘Pigeon’Three typical cases are briefly introduced in the description,First,Is death,There are hundreds of small towns and villages in the vast valleys of the northern foot of the Dala Mountains and the southern side of the Ganges Plain.,But I experienced a catastrophe a month ago,Unexplained deaths began to occur frequently,The dead have a weird look,The body does not rot or decompose,Caused panic in many villages。
The local monk said,The deceased was defiled by the devil,But what does the devil look like,No one has ever seen it,Even the monk who said this died a few days later,Not just him,More than 20 monks in the small temple are all dead。
The second case is Buddha Light,Many villagers have seen Buddha light,The weird thing is,Buddha light is not fixed in one place,For example, the oldest temple on the top of the mountain,But appeared in many places on the north side of Dala Mountain,Of course some people deny that it is Buddha’s light,But the light of death,Because once this light appeared,The next day, the nearby villagers often lost their lives inexplicably。
The third case is also very strange,The summit of Mount Dara is called,The sound is like a roar,The sound made in the middle of the night can be very clear over ten miles away,Give people a feeling of shaking the ground,This situation does not happen every day,But it’s been intermittent for more than a month。
Dala Mountain is on the border between the two countries,It’s a high mountain and dense jungle,The two countries reacted slowly to this series of strange events,Until the ancient temple collapsed,India has just had a mixed police and border troops entering the mountain to check,But it’s like a dragonfly on the water,Some people even wonder if they have actually gone to the top of the mountain。In this way,Caused panic among border residents,The countryside near the foot of the mountain,Many people have moved away。
Li Tianzhen decided to go to the village first,Follow later‘Pigeon’contact,So as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings。
Li Tianzhen today is not the same as a few years ago,The danger of walking in the jungle at night,He knows better than anyone else,He has magical powers now,Also accompanied by unicorn beasts and three-eyed green toads,Not to mention ordinary ghosts,Even ordinary magicians are not his opponents,Even if you encounter a demigod like Jiakui, you can let go,Li Tianzhu’s magical skills are too messy,But it can often be unexpected,Plus his constant tempering in the magic tower,Fighting power is no small thing。
Li Tianzhen releases his spiritual knowledge to explore the way,I walk slowly,Body circulation,Ready to deal with emergencies at any time。The small village is not far away,After walking less than two miles, I gradually left the jungle,Wade through wormwood and a small piece of gravel,There are paddy fields in front of me,Extremely Quiet,There are lots of low buildings behind the paddy field,Dark,Only one house has weak lights,The light I saw before is here。
“The huge village didn’t even have a trace of life?”Although Li Tianzhen is mentally prepared,,But the divine sense exploration after he got close still surprised him,There are no living people in this village,Not even large live animals。
“Not only is there no life,It’s ghostly。”The unicorn beast added a sentence in the divine consciousness。
“ghost?Where is the ghost?”