He Siying waved her hand,Said:“Aunt,I’ll give it this way!Nothing,Grandpa doesn’t value treasures anyway,But mind。This porcelain,Although it is a fake,But it really took me a lot of energy to get it。
Not to mention,I brought a bottle back home,Grandpa must know,There is no need to change it temporarily。”
Hu Yang’s mother waited for the elders to listen,Also nod,This girl can understand this,well。Father does not care about any treasures,He hasn’t seen any treasure?
No matter what,Old man is happy,It’s all from the younger generation。
but,With the example of He Siying,Others are going to send antiques,Take them out,Two older brothers than How Siqian,Let Populus take a look,I don’t have to send a fake,Then embarrassing。
Although the old man won’t care,Anyway my family,Whether it is genuine or not,Heart is true,That’s enough,But if it can be avoided,It’s better to avoid it。
The eldest brother He Sixin sent a treasure from the study,Many people may not know。
That is a maple leaf-shaped golden nanmu carving,Lifelike,Like a yellow maple leaf,Slap big,People can’t help but like it at first sight。
“This is the pen target,That is, the penman in some population,Even people who practice brush writing a lot now,I rarely use this kind of thing。”Hu Yang said。
Some people classify the pen target and pen as two kinds of stationery,Actually they are the same kind of equipment,Has the same function,When all literati wrote and painted,Tools used to test the brush。
In addition to drawing pens on the inkstone,More with pens,What is the pen target。
It can be said,Since the birth of the brush,The need to lick a pen,The pen can be on the inkstone,Can also be on paper,As a separate pen tool,Pen stationery with literary meaning,Around the Song Dynasty。
but,“Pen target“The word,First appeared in the Ming Dynasty,The atmosphere of study and play in the late Ming Dynasty became more and more prosperous,Literati competed to compile books,Discuss the artifacts。
have to say,In ancient times,The study room is a very important place。
And there are a lot of literary games waiting for the pen,Such as pen holder、Pen sea、Pen grid、Pen wash、Pen hang、Pen screen、Pen boat、Pen holder、Pen curtain、Pen case,And pen target and pen。These things,Perform their duties,And they have become both practical and rubble in the study,Therefore, it is regarded as a treasure of the study。
Stationery equipment represents a kind of life style,It is also the pursuit of elegance and exquisite life,Different from ordinary antiques,They not only have artistic value and decorative function,Everything has a strong practicality,Put on the desk of the study,Can come in handy anytime。