Jiang Yunyun said crazy,She is really not afraid of anything。
Jiang Yan looked at Jiang Yunyun with a weird look:“Are you sure you plan like this?”
“Naturally this is the plan,Nothing has changed。”Jiang Yunyun also said affirmatively,She really has some plans。
Many times,Things are very simple。
Anyway according to these things,What should be done。
Qin Feng came to the crew again,Here is also nervous to the end shooting。
“Mary next door,I am also a little puzzled,Do you guys have no brains??I’m not talking about you,Do you have the beauty of Yunyun?No,Do you have any brains??No,Do you have a family with Yunyun?”
You still have nothing,In your case,You dare to be so careless here,Are your brains flooded??
Gu Gu also scolded fiercely,He is really going to be mad by these bastards,Why he doesn’t understand,Why do these people say they don’t seize the opportunity??
You know that in a scene without a protagonist,Everyone may be highlighted。
But what are these guys doing now,All of them are like dead bodies。
It’s the first time Qin Feng saw Gu Gu get angry like this,But when you think about it, it seems that the same situation。
These people have nothing,I still don’t try my best to show my efforts,Who would give such a person a chance to continue to toss??
Some things are so realistic,Everyone will not make any difference。
Qin Feng watched for a while,Gu Gu continues to teach these dragons too。
have to say,Cuckoo has some skills,At least they were half dead just now,But after being taught,It’s barely enough to take a look。